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The Sacrifices of a Parent

I am so grateful for the sacrifices my Mother made for me and my siblings. Mum once dreamed of becoming a nurse. She did not ever get to do this, clinic instead she married and had a child.

Mum chose to be a SAHM (stay at home Mother) full time. She raised my sister and did a brilliant job. My mum never went on an overseas trip or purchased beautiful jewellery, hospital Dad never bought anything fancy either. Everything my parents had was used to meet our basic needs, and to put a roof over our heads, to cloth us, to feed us and to educate us.

My youngest brother has severe special needs. He is now in his twenties but his mind is that of a 5 year old. My mother has always cared for James. She loves him and everything she does is planned around the needs of my brother. My Mother is a true example of a parent who sacrifices for her child.

I came from a low socio-economic town called Barnsley. Many were unemployed and ex Coal Miners. We came from nothing. My father struggled to find work. For many years this was the case, it still is today. Yet Dad has never sat back expecting money from the government. Instead he has worked whatever and whenever. My father sacrificed all these years working “not nice” jobs to meet the needs of his kids.

Both my Mother and father sacrificed everything to give me the life I now have. For this I am truly grateful. My sister is a Doctor, I graduated as a teacher and although I cannot physically work, I have skills and knowledge to teach my child and I write this blog. None of this would be possible without my parents sacrifice.

The quote above truly represents my Mother and my Father who loved me more than any worldly thing.

Thanks Mum and Dad!

Now it is my turn to do the same and to give my daughter the best I can in whatever circumstances I find myself in.

This week I am grateful for – My Parents.

I am grateful for my sister.

I am grateful for feeling well enough to help my daughter bake and have lots of fun together.

Angela xx

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