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The People Over The Way A Thought Provoking Poem

Recently I have been looking through my old Journals which I have writing since a young girl. I have a whole lot of them and in them I’ve shared experiences, some sad, some happy.

I wrote things I enjoyed, inspirational thoughts and all about the going ons of my life. I sketched, drew pictures and doodled along as well as sharing my most inner thoughts. 

As I read my Journal, I came across one of my all time favourite poems called “The people over the way” by Nora Mathieson


I think this poem must be really old but it struck a cord with me as a child and I guess thats because the poem is about Judging others. At times I’ve felt really judged in my life. Especially when I was a single mother

Often times people look at me and make assumptions and it’s not until they really get to know me that I hear, your so different to what I imagined.

Those who truly know me know the real me and those who are acquainted with me see someone totally different. I guess this poem and my own experiences are a good reminder to get to know someone before you really judge them.

So here is one of my all time favourite poems.

The People Over The Way

We never troubled to get to know the people over the way.

We thought they were rough and the children must never go there to play.

We said they were untidy and the washing was never white.

And the Father looked really down and out when he came home at night.

But things have changed since a speeding car knocked our Peter down one day.

Who came to give us comfort and help? The people over the way.

They went to see Peter in Hospital and took him fruit and toys.

The children brought him all their sweets, three little untidy boys.

We see a lot of each other now and the children play all day.

For they are the best friends we’ve ever had. The People over the way.

Well I hope you enjoyed this poem. It really does teach me the importance of kindness of being a good friend, helping those in need and not judging a book by it’s cover.

I hope to share more from my Journal writing in the coming weeks and months. I have so much to share.

 I hope you like this thought provoking poem! It’s one of my favourites!