The New Trend of Oval Shaped Frameless Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom

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The new trend of Oval Shaped Frameless wall mirror for your bathroom

There’s a lot to admire about your modest-looking washroom mirror. Unlike humans, they’re always on your side, letting you know if that red lipstick of yours has made its way through your teeth, they’re never going to punish you for gazing at yourself endlessly for hours, and they offer limitless styling abilities too.  Indeed, the right frameless mirror in oval, round, or rectangular shape is sure to add a sense of spaciousness, improve the amount of natural light getting inside besides adding a lot of exuberance to the otherwise bland walls. So let’s all take a nice, long look into highly appealing oval bathroom mirror benefits that are sure to enrich any bathroom, regardless of the scale, shape, design, or expense you have outlined. 

What Makes the Oval-Shaped Frameless Mirror Ideal for Bathrooms?

Oval mirrors are considered most appropriate for places that have minimal wall space availability. Such reflectors are often preferred for slender walls, giving an exquisite sense of sophistication to bathrooms, entryways, and other such small areas. Being out of the league and modern-style options that you can affix in your bathrooms, even the interior designers also prefer oval mirrors to other choices available. Here’s how they are always able to stand out.

Versatility: Hang either Vertically or Horizontally

The best thing about the frameless mirror in oval shape has to be the freedom to hang it either way. 

Oval is an interesting shape in itself that is highly versatile; Likewise, depending upon your preference and space availability, having an oval-shaped mirror opens up the possibility of hanging it either vertically or horizontally in your bathroom area. 

The best option for constricted spaces 

Try to ensure that the design of the oval-shaped mirror that you choose for your bathroom complements well with existing home decor, such as wall color scheme, room furnishings, bathroom fixtures, faucet fittings, etc.  By assessing the distinctive style of a room, it is much easier to pick an oval mirror, which enhances the overall aesthetics and ambiance of your place. 

Another vital point to note here is that the oval mirrors are considered suitable for tighter spaces, which cannot withstand excessively large round or rectangular mirrors without disrupting the structural elements of the bathroom. So, in case your washroom is not extraordinarily spacious— an oval-shaped frameless mirror is just the option that you have been looking for. 

Frameless oval mirrors add the contemporary touch 

Frameless mirrors are known to bring in the element of drama to whichever space they are placed in. Duly fastened with ornate mirror ties in position, these elliptical reflectors are able to pull off the illusion of ‘floating on the walls’ effect remarkably well. No wonder, such a futuristic and uber-modern design is highly preferred in small spaces or powder room areas.

Also, these frameless mirrors have grown on to become the pioneers in propagating the concept of minimalist looks— the idea is widely admired and well-accepted in contemporary homes and business settings. Another benefit with the frameless oval mirrors is that they make even a constricted space look much more spacious than what it is. 

Where to Fix Such a Frameless Mirror in the Bathroom?

Once you have made up your mind to stick with a classy oval-shaped frameless mirror, it is time to pick the right spot to hang your prized possession. There can be ample spaces inside your washroom that could act as the ideal place to affix the mirror— Let us take you through some of these repetitively preferred areas so that you can compare them and accordingly pick your sweet spot.  

Opposite to window/source of light 

You must have experienced a common and a rather annoying issue of shadowing while using the mirror in your place or somewhere else. Well, it has nothing to do with the mirror itself but the place where it is positioned. 

If the source of light falling on the reflective surface is not originating from behind, it would often lead to a shadowy image formation, thus totally defeating the purpose of a mirror.

In short, you must hang your mirror on the wall, which is opposite to the source of light to ensure clear image formation sans any dark spot. For instance, if you have a window in the bathroom, you can place a mirror on the wall which is opposite to it.

Frameless Mirror Above Basin

Hanging an oval-shaped frameless mirror right above the basin is a no brainer. It is quite natural that you must affix a reflector at a place where you are going to brush, wash hands, dry your hair or get ready. 

In the Middle of the Wall

Depending upon the bathroom shape or design, this might not always be possible, however, if feasible, try placing your oval-shaped mirror right in the middle of the wall that you have picked for hanging.

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