The Most Gorgeous Handmade Easter Biscuits I’ve Seen


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This week we received a wonderful gift in the mail. It was a box of delicious and absolutely gorgeous Easter biscuits from Biscuiteers.

I hadn’t heard of Biscuiteers before but am so impressed with the quality and selection of their handmade biscuits. Upon first impression I was pleased to see the biscuits came in a gorgeous Easter themed tin which is clearly reusable. I didn’t know what to expect but was delighted to find a selection of beautiful Easter themed biscuits which are gorgeously wrapped.

The biscuits included Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, chicks and lambs. They are well decorated and delicately stored. The biscuits are handmade iced biscuits and are all created at the Biscuiteers HQ in London. These Easter treats came with a fantastic booklet showing all the different type and designs available for purchase. They even have Beatrix Potter ones which look amazing by the way.

We put the biscuits to the test and there were no complaints. They were really tasty and there are plenty to go around.

You can order biscuits from Biscuiteers for next day delivery and I’m thinking of ordering a special christening tin next month as our nephew harry is getting christened and John (my husband) is the godfather. I think a tin of these biscuits would make a great gift for my sister in law. She would love them.

I think the biscuits are gorgeous. They come well packaged and taste fantastic. This is certainly something I’d recommend to others.

*We were gifted this product for the purpose of review.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, insert heart eye emoji here. I want to learn to create like that, I feel like it’s an art that I just don’t possess.

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