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The Love Hate Challenge


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The Love Hate Challenge

So yesterday I was excited to be tagged by the wonderful Debbie, over at My Random Musings. I must admit I was happy to be chosen as I really enjoy answering questions, let’s just say, this is one of the fun sides of blogging.

So Thank you Debbie and here is my list of the 10 things I love and the 10 things I hate.

Ten things I love

I love Sweet Potato- especially the purple variety from Hawaii.

I love my daughter Sylvia

I love my parents, they are fabulous

I love electric fans- they keep me cool

I love felt tip pens for being creative

I love my Apple Iphone 6

I love my husband of almost 2 years

I love rain and cold weather

I love going on adventures, holidays and travelling

I love egg custards! We can’t leave out the egg custards!


Ten things I hate

I hate Chronic Illness- I’m learning to live with it but I do not like it.

I hate loud muffled music coming from the street at night- luckily it does not happen much.

I hate washing the Dishes.

I hate seeing people fight. It makes me feel upset.

I hate our Sofa. We bought it from a charity shop and it broke not long after but we are making do for now.

I hate feeling unwell every day

I hate mice and rats- I can not understand why people would want them as pets.

I hate Abuse and Domestic Violence.

I hate having Hospital Appointments almost every week.

I hate Nachos, the smell makes me feel nauseous

So thanks for reading along.

My nominations
I now nominate the following people to take part in the love/hate challenge:
Mary from The Hearty Life
Natasha from MamaDuckQuacks
Good luck Guys or should I say Gals.



  1. I love egg custard and sweet potato too!Never heard of the purple one though,will have to look it up!We have a “party house” a few doors down and when the weather is nice they blast music regularly til really late!Drives me crackers x #snotallaboutyou

    1. Nice to know I’m not the only one with these tastes! I had the purple sweet potato when I lived in New Zealand and Tonga (Pacific Islands) it is is called Kumara in NZ and Kumala in Tonga but simple Sweet potato here in the UK.

      Thanks for popping over Angela xx

  2. I hate washing the dishes too! We have given in, dishwasher arriving tomorrow. Never thought id ever grow old and be excited about that sort of thing! Great way to get to know someone, I love these. Thanks for linking

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