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The Love Hate Challenge

So yesterday I was excited to be tagged by the wonderful Debbie, over at My Random Musings. I must admit I was happy to be chosen as I really enjoy answering questions, let’s just say, this is one of the fun sides of blogging.

So Thank you Debbie and here is my list of the 10 things I love and the 10 things I hate.

Ten things I love

I love Sweet Potato- especially the purple variety from Hawaii.

I love my daughter Sylvia

I love my parents, they are fabulous

I love electric fans- they keep me cool

I love felt tip pens for being creative

I love my Apple Iphone 6

I love my husband of almost 2 years

I love rain and cold weather

I love going on adventures, holidays and travelling

I love egg custards! We can’t leave out the egg custards!


Ten things I hate

I hate Chronic Illness- I’m learning to live with it but I do not like it.

I hate loud muffled music coming from the street at night- luckily it does not happen much.

I hate washing the Dishes.

I hate seeing people fight. It makes me feel upset.

I hate our Sofa. We bought it from a charity shop and it broke not long after but we are making do for now.

I hate feeling unwell every day

I hate mice and rats- I can not understand why people would want them as pets.

I hate Abuse and Domestic Violence.

I hate having Hospital Appointments almost every week.

I hate Nachos, the smell makes me feel nauseous

So thanks for reading along.

My nominations
I now nominate the following people to take part in the love/hate challenge:
Mary from The Hearty Life
Natasha from MamaDuckQuacks
Good luck Guys or should I say Gals.