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Today I wanted to write about The Guilty Dog Owner. I’m actually writing a confession about myself and how I sometimes feel as the dog owner to Yoda and Casper the family Bichon Frise Dogs.

So I’ll begin by saying I absolutely love my dogs. Casper is a loyal companion and is always there for me when I need company. Yoda is the baby and loves to get love and attention.

Yoda is also known as Mr piggy wiggy because you’ll often find him searching for food. He will eat anything from wallpaper to grass. He just loves food. Casper craves attention and cuddles.

He came from a home where he was previously abused and as our pet he gets lots and lots of love and he knows he is special.

However, I often feel like the guilty dog owner and today I’m going to say why…

I feel guilty because I am not well enough to exercise and as a result our dogs don’t always get as much exercise as the average dog.

Yes they still get walks but it would be really good to increase this and give our pets a chance to get out and about more.

guilty dog owners

I feel guilty because we mix our dog food. We have a good brand which is brilliant for our dogs.

When they eat that brand alone, their coats shine, Yoda and Casper lose the tear stains and they look more healthy.

However we can’t afford the best and more expensive food so we mix the good food with a a cheaper brand and as a result our dogs get tear stains.

guilty dog owners

I feel guilty because Yoda is so fat. He will grab whatever food he can. I remember the very first time he did this. He was a puppy and Sylvia dropped her boiled egg on the floor, Yoda went for it and he won.

He has never looked back. He simply loves his food and I feel guilty that sometimes I give him treats when it does not help his weight.

I feel guilty because Yoda and Casper don’t get groomed as regular as I’d like. Some Bichon Frise owners have the most adorable looking fluffy clean dogs.

The reality is in our home our dogs are often scruffy and we let their hair grow extra long before each groom. The reality again is it’s a money issue.

Bichon’s do need grooming regularly but I delay it as long as I can to save on costs and that means some weeks Casper and Yoda look like shaggy dogs.

guilty dog owners

So this is my Dog Owner Confession. We do love our dogs and we do our best to be good dog owners. Our dogs are very happy. They are insured and go to the vets when needed.

They are much loved and know they have a special place in our home. They know they belong and they love me and my husband and daughter.

Yoda and Casper love each other. It’s great to see them bonding and playing and caring for one another.

They do have different parents but are real dog brothers.

guilty dog owners

As my blog improves and if I eventually earn a better income, I will be able to provide our dogs with more regular grooms, the better food and maybe one day hire a dog walker.

Until then I will continue to do my best and give them the happy life they deserve, even if I am not the best dog owner in the world.

What I do know is that I do love my dogs to bits and Yoda and Casper are a huge part of my life.

Angela x

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