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Today I wanted to share my experience of the egg and spoon race. I attended my daughter’s sports day on Friday and it was an eye opener for me.

I guess having chronic illness and spending the majority of my time at home, means I miss out on a lot of everyday things and when I do get to experience rare occasions like this I notice the little things much more than I did in the past

I don’t really know what I learnt from the egg and spoon race but I did notice a few things. These things were easy for me to relate to as a blogger and ultimately there were three types of kids who raced. 

Cheating In The Egg And Spoon Race

First there were the cheaters. Plenty of children were told to not hold the egg on the spoon but to hold the spoon and balance the egg.

Most of the children followed the rules, however at least one child in each race cheated. 

I was sitting there right at the finishing point and it was very clear what was happening. Whether the teachers noticed or not I wasn’t sure.

They were busy working out who came first, second and third, placing stickers on the kids and marking the scores on a white board. 

The thing that bothered me was that those who did cheat, were rewarded in the position they arrived. How was that fair? It simply wasn’t.

It then became clear that the teachers were aware of this but chose to turn a blind eye. After all, disqualifying kids would be an extra chore and take them off task. 

Some children complained to the teacher, “Miss, **** was cheating”. The teacher replied, oh everyone cheats, go and sit down and don’t worry about it. The race is over now. 

I was thinking, what on earth does this teach the kids? That it’s okay to cheat and do the wrong things to appear to win. 

This reminds me of blogging. When some bloggers or influencers will buy social media followers so they can beat the competition, appear to have a better reach and cheat the system.

Just as the teachers turned a blind eye, some PR companies will do the same. Not all, but some and people will be rewarded for cheating their way to the top. 

Crying When You Lose

The one thing I was not expecting while watching the egg and spoon race was the number of boys who cried. The girls didn’t cry but quite a few boys, (the one’s who came in last) cried and sulked and really got upset. 

This was sad to see. There was one or two who laughed and chuckled and had a lot of fun, but those who cried appeared devastated.

Again, these kids were ignored by the teachers and had I been the teacher I don’t know what would have been the best reaction. 

It’s taking part that counts and completing the race, yet for these kids who cried, they could not take coming in last place. 

As a blogger I sometimes feel I’m in last place. Whilst there may be many races on sports day, and we all arrive in different positions, there are some races where we will arrive last.

There are races, like the three legged race, where we make tumble, fall and have to get up and there will be races where we go full steam ahead without a glitch. 

As a blogger, I have areas where I have gone full steam ahead and done well. Then there are areas where I feel I am last, or too slow and not arriving when I want to or how I want to. 

It can be frustrating for me. I know that the main reason for my slowness in certain areas of blogging is down to being unwell.

My health makes it hard to balance and do everything I’d like to. The biggest issue I find is the money earning side of things and I know many bloggers who have raced ahead of me in this area. 

For me, I am a tortoise moving slow and steady, but I am heading in the right direction. 

Laughing Along The Way

The third racer in the egg and spoon race was the child who laughed and smiled and had fun no matter how bad the journey was taking them.

I was pleased to see my daughter was one of these kids. She did not win and the egg dropped from her spoon over and over.

Sylvia tripped over at the end but she finished and smiled and proudly wore her well done sticker! 

As bloggers, parents, mothers and in life in general, we can cry and sulk, cheat and lie, or we can just do our best.

When we just go at the pace we are able which may be slow and steady, we can enjoy the scenery along the way and find peace and happiness in the journey rather than only focusing on the destination and how quickly we can get there. 

It’s so important to enjoy life and the moments we have. Before we know it our kids will be grown up and we will be left missing those early years.

Enjoy life, make the most of the ups and downs and remember not to compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

Focus on your own race, on getting from A to Z and doing it with integrity!