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Going on a vacation is always something to look forward to and this time I am going to explore The Dream New Zealand Holiday and the things you can do to make it your holiday the most memorable one for years to come. A New Zealand Holiday has much to offer, from a scenic helicopter tour to, a hiking tour of the 

Almost ten years ago my daughter and I left our home in New Zealand to start a new life in the United Kingdom. I was born in the UK but had spent my teenage years and all of my adult life living as a Kiwi surrounded by friends and family.

Returning to the UK, at the start of 2010, on my own, as a single mother with an 18-month-old child was both scary but also something I needed to do. 2 years before my move, I was happily married, pregnant and planning a future for my little family, however, things did not turn out as planned.

New Zealand Vacation Ideas

I experienced violence and abuse during my pregnancy and when my daughter was only 6 months old, I fled the family home, taking out a protection order and moving cities to keep me and my baby safe.

Sadly we were not safe and the best thing to do, at the time for me and my daughter was to move to a new country. I had grandparents in the UK, and a few friends from my childhood and in February 2010, I made the huge move.

Settling into the UK was never easy and we had some really testing times. Seriously, I never thought I would end up living in the UK permanently. I always thought I’d go home, back to Auckland, New Zealand when the situation improved. For the first 4 years, I didn’t even buy furniture. No wardrobes or new items, I didn’t want to waste money as I hoped to one day return home.

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In 2013 I married my sweetheart John, a Yorkshire man and whilst we considered moving as a family back to New Zealand, we decided against it. We settled in Lancashire 4 years ago and life is now as we know it. It took two years but we sacrificed and saved for a long time and in December last year we purchased return flights to New Zealand. We are going to visit my family during the school holidays.

Where is Auckland New Zealand Located?

The week after I married John, I collapsed and was eventually diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency. I wish I’d had health insurance at the time. I never thought I’d become unwell in the way I have and the financial impact has been significant. However, we work hard blogging from home and doing all we can to make the burden of sickness lighter on the family.

Since we got married we have been on one holiday. We went to Disneyland Paris. It was an amazing adventure and one my daughter loved. The big dream, however, was to take my daughter back to New Zealand to meet her family, my family and to show her the homeland where she was born.

Do We Really Need Travel Insurance?

Do we really need Travel Insurance? The short answer is YES! We are going backwards reach New Zealand, passing through the USA and over the Pacific Ocean. We have always made sure we have insurance for our home. So that our home is covered in the event of flood, fire or additional events which could destroy our home and contents. We do need to get basic travel insurance for our journey and health insurance for John, as he is not a Kiwi. So, John will need insurance in the event something drastically goes wrong when we are in New Zealand.

I’m so excited to be going on a special holiday with my family. I’m a little worried as I know it’s a long journey and that will take a toll on my health but it will be so worth it to just be able to visit my family.


Even if I don’t get out and about, just staying home with the family will be fantastic. I have missed my sister so much and we are going to be having a strategy session to plan a future business we have in mind. That will be exciting.

John is looking forward to visiting Hobbiton and I am excited to show my husband and daughter the places I loved to visit when I was young.

Although we won’t have lots of spending money, I am saving a little each month to make our holiday special and we will be staying with family so the costs won’t be extravagant.

I’m really excited to be returning back to New Zealand in the Summer. It’s one of those once in a lifetime holidays and I hope to get my health as good as it can be before we leave. I’m so looking forward to seeing my sister and family.

Luckily the person whom we had a protection order against, no longer lives in New Zealand so I won’t need to worry for my child’s safety. We can simply focus on having the holiday of our dreams and cherishing the memories we make with my parents, siblings and friends.


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