What Is My Birthstone: A Definitive Guide

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What is my birthstone? It’s a question many people ask and, depending on what month you were born in, you might get several different answers! Birthstones have changed over the years, and we’ve got a complete list to help you determine the birthstone that is right for you, as well as the birthstone meanings.

Sapphire birthstone ring in a ring box.

Modern Birthstones

Birthstones have a long and complicated history that likely started when Aaron, the brother of Moses, wore a breastplate with twelve gemstones. A Jewish historian named Josephus believed that these gemstones were connected to the twelve calendar months. It became tradition to own all of these stones and wear them during the appropriate month.

Not all historians agree on the connection between Aaron and the modern-day birthstone list. Regardless of how birthstones fell into popular culture, it’s a practice that is here to stay. 

Over the years, some stones have fallen in and out of fashion. Alternate birthstones were also added to allow for more affordable and accessible options than some of the traditional, more expensive birthstones.

The Spinel, which was added in 2016, is the most recent addition. Some months feature up to three stones.

There are also disputes over the traditional and modern birthstones. Sapphire, which is featured in Diamondere’s collection, has remained September’s birthstone for over 100 years. However, December’s birthstones have changed twice in 50 years.

Horoscope Birthstones

Is birthstone by month or zodiac? Birthstones are set by the month you are born in, and not by astrology charts. Therefore, there is more than one birth stone for each sign of the zodiac. 

For example, if your birthday is between February 19 and March 20, you were born under the Pisces sign. This could mean that your birthstone is amethyst, if you were born in February, or aquamarine, if you were born in March. 

Gemstone Birthstone Chart

The list below will tell you the birthstones for each month. Read on for more about these birthstones and their meanings!

  • January: Garnet
  • February: Amethyst
  • March: Aquamarine / Bloodstone
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald
  • June: Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone
  • July: Ruby
  • August: Peridot / Spinel / Sardonyx
  • September: Sapphire
  • October: Tourmaline / Opal
  • November: Topaz / Citrine
  • December: Tanzanite / Blue Zircon

Birthstone Meanings

After determining what is my birthstone, you will probably want to know the meaning associated with these gems. Birthstone gems are meant to symbolize various characteristics according to the month you were born in. Some early astrologers believed each stone brought healing powers or protection from evil to the people born in the respective month.

January Birthstone Meaning – Garnet

Garnet is found in a wide range of colors, but the red garnets are specifically January’s birthstone. Garnet represents romantic passion, love, intimacy, sensuality, loyalty, trust, and friendship. In Medieval times, garnet was thought to protect against poisons and disease.

February Birthstone Meaning – Amethyst

Dark purple amethysts represent February and are known for their prominence in myth and legend. Amethysts are so powerful that they can ward off gods, guard against guilty thoughts, and symbolize nobility. This stone is now associated with courage, peace, and inner strength.

Amethyst ring.

March Birthstone Meaning – Aquamarine / Bloodstone

Bloodstone was the original March birthstone, but as it became less available, aquamarine was added. Aquamarine takes its name from the Latin word “aqua,” meaning “water.” This stone has been associated with the sea for millennia and is thought to protect wearers from ocean-related disasters. Aquamarine may enhance courage, happiness, hope, love, and good health.

April Birthstone Meaning – Diamond

The forever sought-after diamond is the hardest naturally made mineral and has been treasured throughout history, particularly with Indians, Greeks, and Romans. Diamonds were thought to be God’s tears, are a symbol of eternal love, and remain a symbol of luxury and wealth.

May Birthstone Meaning – Emerald

Emeralds were Cleopatra’s favorite, but royals throughout history seem to share that trait with her. Although many color varieties exist, green emeralds are the most popular and the choice for May. They are thought to promote wisdom, faithfulness, friendship, patience, and good fortune.

June Birthstone Meaning – Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone

June sports the organic pearl, created by mollusks, the rare alexandrite, and the shiny moonstone. Pearls are completely spherical-shaped, often white, and represent happiness, purity, and luck. 

Moonstone is also believed to bring luck and is associated with love, passion and fertility. Alexandrite can change color based on the light and is exceptionally valuable. 

July Birthstone Meaning – Ruby

The blood red ruby is the most expensive gemstone by carat. There are endless legends associated with rubies, from the Ancient Hindus to the Greeks. In the Middle Ages, rubies were used to cure bleeding and repel evil but now represent happiness, wealth, health, and wisdom.

August Birthstone Meaning – Peridot / Spinel / Sardonyx

Peridots gain the nickname “gem of the sun” for their beautiful yellow-green color and protection from night terrors and envious thoughts. The recently added Spinel is often confused with the ruby throughout history. Its wearers can expect strength, energy, and power. 

Sardonyx, associated with courage, clear communication, and marital stability, is the original August birthstone with a history that dates back more than 4,000 years. 

September Birthstone Meaning – Sapphire

A symbol of godliness and the heavens, the September birthstone comes in multiple colors but is almost always associated with blue. Sapphires are the second most popular stone next to diamonds and are said to bring good fortune, wisdom, love, truth, and faithfulness.

October Birthstone Meaning – Tourmaline / Opal

Tourmaline is an incredible stone with no ancient history. This gemstone exhibits one of the broadest color spectrums and can even be seen with bi- or tri-colored hues. Pink tourmaline, the October birthstone, is thought to ease fear, attract unconditional love and calm the wearer. 

Opals are valued for rainbow-hued, shifting colors, which have been compared to fireworks, galaxies, and volcanoes. This birthstone is said to offer protection from disease and is a symbol of purity, hope and truth.

November Birthstone Meaning – Topaz / Citrine

Topaz is one of the oldest known stones on Earth and has an extended lore filled with powerful Gods who wore this stone for healing purposes, love, and protection from greed. Citrine is hard to find and is said to calm the wearer, along with many of the same benefits as topaz.

December Birthstone- Tanzanite / Blue Zircon

Tanzanite can only be found in one location, Tanzania, and can help wearers overcome anxiety and fear and connect them with spiritual guides. Blue Zircon was used as a talisman to protect from plagues and sickness and was thought to increase motivation, confidence, and energy.

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