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If you’re like most people, your wellbeing will be sub-optimal – it’s unlikely you will be perfectly balanced and aligned; very few people are. However, there is no shortage of wellbeing practices for your to try in order to rebalance yourself and find your contentment. In this list, we introduce the best advice to balance your wellbeing and improve your quality of life at any time.  

Spiritual wellbeing 

Spiritual wellbeing tops the list of wellbeing advice, perhaps because all the other advice is there to support it. The apex of wellbeing is your spiritual wellness which is why it contains a little bit of everything; spiritual wellbeing requires optimal emotional, physical, and social levels. 

It’s true that you won’t reach your full potential until other areas of your wellbeing are optimal, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Mindfulness is the best place to start. Become aware of the thoughts moving through your mind, disconnect from them and enjoy living in the moment.  

Emotional wellbeing 

Emotional wellbeing refers to the quality of your everyday experience and the way you respond to stressors. If you have optimal emotional wellbeing, you will feel content most of the time and be able to handle daily stresses without slipping into states of anxiety or depression. 

To improve your emotional wellbeing, you can perform some self-analysis using meditation or writing to explore some of the deeper causes beneath your difficult emotions. Think of your feeling as a ball of yarn that needs to be untangled. It’s useful to check in regularly with friends.  

Physical wellbeing 

We all have a spiritual side and physical side, which interact to create optimal wellbeing. If you focus too much on one or the other, it will have an unharmonious effect, and you might feel “off” and not understand why. But you can focus on both sides of your wellbeing simultaneously. 

If you like to run, it’s one of the best ways to practice your mindfulness since running requires you to regulate your breathing with attention, and if you can’t listen to music due to earplug hearing loss contact

Social wellbeing 

Social wellbeing is often overlooked, but it’s also vitally important if you want to live a wholesome and fulfilled lifestyle. Human beings are group animals and social creatures meaning that inclusion and communication are very important to our overall wellbeing. 

Social wellbeing is one of the aspects of wellbeing that is overlooked nowadays, mainly because of the digital communities that are appearing instead. While digital communities might be more convenient, they are not as conducive to wellbeing as face-to-face meetings. 

Cognitive wellbeing 

Your cognitive wellbeing is the quality of your mind that can diminish if you don’t have the right diet or keep your mind sharp with the best mind-enhancing strategies. If you want to improve the quality of your mind, think about learning a language or using a brain training app. You will find that your cognitive wellbeing improves when you incorporate the practices above.    

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