The Best Trees for Your Garden

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The right trees can add so much value and beauty to your garden. Trees can add shade, privacy, flowers, and even fruit, and large trees can even be a focal point for the entire garden.

If you’re interested in planting some trees in your garden but don’t know where to begin, here are the best trees to choose from.

 Best Trees for Your Garden

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are perfect for novice gardeners. These hardy trees are highly drought-resistant and don’t require much maintenance and pruning – you should simply water them regularly during warmer months (and whenever the soil feels dry) and add a layer of mulch once a year. 

Magnolia trees flower early in the spring and produce beautiful bowl-shaped or star-shaped blooms, which can be pink, white, purple, yellow, or even green. Therefore, if you want to add some color to your garden but don’t want to deal with difficult plants, magnolia trees could be the perfect choice for you – you can easily find magnolia trees in a variety of mature sizes online.

Flowering Cherry Trees

Another highly popular flowering tree is the cherry tree. If you’ve experienced the cherry blossom season in Japan and fallen in love with this amazing tree variety, then why not plant one in your own garden? The beautiful white and pink blossoms will suit any outdoor space.

This tree has specific planting requirements in order for it to flourish. You should plant your flowering cherry tree in the autumn, making sure the tree is fully in the sunshine. This tree also requires a lot of water; you need to water the tree for 30 minutes after planting and then water it twice a week for the first six months. 

Oak Trees

The mighty oak is one of the most well-known and well-loved trees. They can live for hundreds of years, which means planting one in your garden will be a very long-term commitment. A large oak tree can provide plenty of shade and even some privacy, but you’ll need a large garden to accommodate its size. 

Leyland Cypress Trees

If you want more privacy in your garden but don’t have enough space for large trees, then the Leyland cypress is the perfect choice for you. This evergreen tree is extremely fast-growing – it can grow three to four feet a year! As a result, this tall tree will quickly be able to screen your garden and provide much-needed privacy and shade.

Apple Trees

Finally, planting a fruit tree in your garden can be a fantastic idea. In particular, apple trees are extremely popular due to their appearance and, of course, their ability to produce delicious apples. However, although they’re relatively easy to grow, these trees take years to start producing fruit, so you must be prepared to wait.

If you want to improve your garden, then why not plant some trees? Planting trees in your garden can enhance its appearance, add shade in warmer months, and provide much-needed privacy – by planting fruit trees, you could even produce your own tasty fruit!

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