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Collaborative post – The Best Places for Your Kid to Ride their Quad Bikes

Kids love quad bikes and ATVs. They have some power behind them to really help get them moving and they add an element of fun into outdoor play. Let’s face it as parents, we need to buy into anything that encourages the kids to get outside in a time where the lure of technology and screens is keeping many children indoors.

There are lots of rules and regulations regarding ATV for kids and where they can be ridden but you really shouldn’t let this discourage you from letting your kids enjoy an adventure. With a few sensible precautions, your kids could be having the time of the lives as well as getting some fresh air into their lungs.

Kids-on-Quads | Kid to Ride their ATV

Rules and Regulations

It is worthwhile knowing the rules and regulations regarding quad biking so that you can be sure you are always making the best decisions. The most important thing to note is that they should only ever be used off-road, they are certainly not intended to be road-worthy vehicles. Plus, your child wouldn’t be old enough to drive on the road anyway so there is little point in worrying about choosing a road-worthy vehicle.

Quard-bikes | Kid to Ride their ATV

Your child will need to drive the quad off-road and usually, to avoid becoming a public nuisance, this will have to be on private land. You will need to ensure, also that your child has received some training on their quad bike or make sure that you are there to supervise them as they ride.

Where can they ride the ATV?

Ideally, you are going to need to find some private land that your child can ride on. This isn’t easy because most of us won’t have a garden that lends itself easily to tearing around on a quad bike. It is always worth googling your local area to see if there are any tracks available that you could use for a quad biking experience. There are plenty available, for instance, that take in natural forest trails or mud paths to give users an authentic experience.

Quads | Kid to Ride their ATV

They will feel like they are enjoying freedom in the great outdoors when in reality they are in a controlled environment where they and other members of the public can be kept safe. Alternatively, you could always ask around to see if there is anyone with some spare land that might be willing to allow you and your child to use it for your own quad biking adventure. Farmers or other landowners, for instance, might be willing to let you and your child use their land for a small fee.

Will I need safety equipment for my Quad?

Safety equipment is not a legal requirement when riding a quad bike, but it is always best to protect your child just in case anything does go wrong. Prevention is always better than cure and it should be noted that kids quad bikes are often not restrained by a safety belt. You should ideally kit them out with a safety helmet, you might also wish to consider some special clothing to ensure that injury is kept at a minimum should an accident occur.