The Best Glasses for Creative Mothers

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Wearing glasses is a necessity for many parents, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to shine while wearing them. If you’re a creative spirit who loves crafts and fun DIY projects, you’ll probably want your unique personality to stand out. The good news is there are hundreds of glasses that can help you do just that, ensuring you feel more like yourself wherever you go.

Here are some of the top styles that help you to showcase your flair for the arts.

Wooden Glasses

Boasting a distinctive artisanal look, wooden glasses can definitely add a unique spin to your outfit. With a rustic, hand-carved appearance, the EyeBuyDirect wooden eyeglasses are actually made using acetate, meaning they don’t feel heavy or cumbersome at all.

Boasting a durable finish that’s gentle against your skin, the specs will quickly become your favourite pair. Whether you choose a lighter or darker colour, all your friends will be asking where you got them (or maybe even if you made them yourself).


If there’s one sure-fire way to make a splash, it’s with colour. For people who like to be bold, bright yellow, orange or red are some top choices, but if you like something a little softer, pastel hues can do the trick. Whether you go for mint green, powder blue or dusky pink, your glasses are sure to have an alternative, creative spin.

Can’t pick just one? Stay on the lookout for some multicoloured frames.

If colour really isn’t your thing, clear frames are quickly becoming a fashionable accent. Choose chunky for a more futuristic feel or go narrow for a rimless look. For a more monochromatic theme, you could pick out some black and white striped or dotted frames for that extra sprinkle of fun.


Standard eyeglasses usually come in varying circular or square shapes. But if you want to break the mould, what shape should you choose? Exaggerated horn-shaped glasses or cat-eye lenses can help to maintain your creative, eccentric look, but heart-shaped eyeglasses will really showcase your artistic nature. Some glasses even come in unusual geometrical shapes, whether that’s hexagons or octagons. Either way, your specs will certainly stand out when perched on your face.


If you decide to pick a classic shape, you can still create an unusual look by your choice in size. Whether you choose huge circular frames or tiny rectangular specs, an extreme sizing choice is sure to complement your art-loving personality. Of course, with size, it’s important to bear in mind your individual needs. Always choose a pair of glasses that feel comfortable on your face.

A Creative Case

Maybe you like to keep your glasses classic, but want to express yourself through a funky case. Whether you choose a case with your favourite painting on or decide to do it yourself, make sure it’s a true expression of your personality. You could even get creative with the kids, just go easy on the glitter or you’ll be finding it in your bag for months

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