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The Best and Ultimate Photography Wish List

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The Best and Ultimate Photography Wish List

Last week I invited my husband to create a photography wish list and to write a guest post on the blog.

John is a developing photographer and improving his skills each day. We have a great camera but there are lots of things we both would love to improve the photography experience both in our personal lives and for our blogs.

This wish list is what I would call my ultimate photography wish list. It comprises of what I consider to the be the best photography equipment currently on the market.

As part of blogging, photography and reviewing products we like to take the best pictures we can and I would love to get more equipment and eventually upgrade.

There are lots of camera gear that I would love to use as I do more photography shoots, reviews and fashion photography with my daughter. Having a good camera is very important. If you can’t take decent photographs, then it really does effect the quality of a blog post.

I have been really interested in photography for sometime and being on a limited budget I have managed to slowly collect some equipment over the past few years. I have put together my photography wish list, the camera and some of the equipment and lenses I would like with purchase in the coming years.

Lets go through this list by naming the numbers on the picture(s) below.


 The Camera wish starts with:

  1. Nikon D850
  2. Multi-Power Battery Pack MD-D18
  3. AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm ƒ/2.8E ED VR
  4. AF-S 14-25mm ƒ/2.8G ED
  5. AF-S 50mm ƒ/1.4G
  6. AF-S 85mm ƒ/1.4G
  7. AF-S 70-200mm ƒ/2.8G ED VR II
  8. AF-S Nikkor 800mm ƒ/5.6 FL ED VR
  9. AF-S Teleconvertor TC-17E II
  12. SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB CompactFlash UDMA 7 CF Memory Card 160MB/s
  13. AF-S 35MM ƒ/1.4G

Now this is the camera equipment that has high specifications and would last a very long time, but with all camera equipment, lighting and backdrops are most of the time equally as important as the camera.


Small 50cm square lighting box for small items we are constantly sent through the mail. This will give each product we receive a more photography professional touch.

Large backdrop with different colours and strobe lights. You can only do so much for a top mounted flashgun for the camera. We will be able to do to more children’s fashion photography shoots within the comforts of our own home, without having to go out doors or wait for the weather to change. Unless some of the clothing reviews, required us to go outdoors.

The Final items on our list, is a QNAP NAS (Networked Assisted Storage) system for storing all of our photographs on.

QNAP TS-853Pro-8G 32 TB WD Red Powerful Reliable and Scalable NAS
QNAP TS-853Pro-8G 32 TB WD Red Powerful Reliable and Scalable NAS

QNAP have some very reliable NAS systems, so if one drive went down, a backup drive would take the slack and have a full back up of all our work. Photography files back be bulky, so having a reliable storage plan is wise as it precautionary.

Here is my photography wish list? What would be on yours?

John Milnes aka Mr Geek and Gadgets

This was a guest post by John Milnes from


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    1. Yes us too! We really need some good backdrops and lighting for our cooking projects and for reviewing products! Would make a huge difference! Maybe we could get one to use as a review he he he! Who knows! Angela x

      1. That would be SO AWESOME!! I’d gladly take some backdrops and lighting. Even better, a free camera! Then I’d need to take a few lessons from John! He seems like he knows his stuff! #positivelyposted

        1. Yeah, the more I ask him about does he have everything for his camera, he comes up with another list of things he want to buy next. grrrrrrrrr.
          He is still learning himself, but I guess he would be willing to teach you some tricks or two. Angela x

  1. This makes me embarrassed to admit I use my phone for my blog photos lol. I am thinking of getting a decent camera though and I think Nikon is probably the way to go. I just hope they do a nice simple one 🙂 Thanks for hosting #positivelyposted

    1. They have a starter or ‘Entry Level’ as John calls it. It depends where you want to go or what your budget is, or what you are willing to spend. DSLR’s are more pricy but as John told me, they lowest priced is the Nikon D3200. Hope you find the one you are looking for. Or I can ask John to do some home work for me and let you know. Angela x

  2. My husband has been trying to talk to me about network assisted storage – I have to confess I got a bit cross eyed lol, but he tells me they are a must have we need to get for photography and music back up. I hope you get all that’s on your wishlist 🙂

    1. We purchased a cloud thingy last year when it was on sale. It fast becoming full up as John has kindly informed me more than once. We needed to be able to access one for a Mac, as john uses one. They are not many out there which are for Mac’s unlike the WD MyCloud (I asked John what it was called hehehehe). The bigger the storage, the more you have to pay apparently. All of this is way over my head too. Angela x

    1. They do as John has one. He has mentioned it is for the motorised autofocus cameras bodies though. He says it is the 1.8 D and cost about £60. He says he can only use manual lens on the current camera we have, he says this can be highly frustrating. They will be a reason why he has mentioned the ƒ/1.4, only John knows that reason, tut tut. Angela x

  3. Wow, there were a lot of things in your list that I have no idea what they are. I’ve been reading up about photography recently, I need to do some more reading I think!! Great post 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx

  4. Thanks for linking up with my new #TheWishlist Linky, thanks to both you and John.

    I completely agree with what John has said about having a good camera that takes really good, decent pictures. I think having good quality pictures on your blog is really important and I think it definitely makes a difference to the look and feel of your blog.

    I bought a Nikon P610 about three years ago and it’s been a fantastic camera, although I have to admit I don’t know how to use all of the features yet. Nikon cameras are great quality.

    Please pass a message onto John for me wishing him luck with his new blog 🙂

    Laura x

  5. I have the 35mm lens and I absolutely adore it! I bought a cheap backdrop and umbrella lights on eBay and I absolute love them so I’m looking forward to upgrading in the future. A great wish list! I’m definitely in the market for a decent tripod myself and a camera grio

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