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The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

There are many things to consider when choosing a new bedroom design. Your bedroom should be a welcoming haven at the end of a long day.

That will mean something different for all of us; a Zen-like, minimalist space might be a calming cocoon of cleanliness for some or reminiscent of a stark asylum cell for others.

With a huge variety of bedroom trends pushing the boundaries of interior design, 2017 is an ideal time to create the bedroom of your dreams.


The main event in any bedroom should of course be your bed. The average night’s sleep is around 8 hours which means we spend a third of our lives asleep in our beds. Sleep is important; being well rested helps us to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. How comfortable we are in bed affects our days too.

Nobody wants a crook in their neck on the drive to work and an aching back can quickly scupper any well-intentioned visits to the gym. And long-suffering parents need their beauty sleep; it’s one thing waking to a crying toddler but quite another when a restless night stalls your precious slumber.


Comfort is key to designing your bedroom but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. In any room, it’s important to consider your living space but no more so than the bedroom.

A space-saving statement headboard can be a great choice to stay on trend without over-burdening your room with cumbersome furniture.

A bed will be one of your largest pieces of furniture and can easily overpower a smaller living space. The right bed-frame is more than just a mattress holder; it can offer great storage solutions and really allow you to put an individual stamp on your room. Bedstar offer some great advice on choosing a bed-frame and have a range of luxurious and comfortable options.

The hot bedroom trends of 2017 include something for everyone. Shiny metal bed frames circa 1985 have undergone a modern revamp and warm- hued metal is becoming big in furniture.

Paired with the must-have, textured animal-inspired soft furnishings, bedroom style just got interesting!

Or wooden bed-frames can also offer a millennial twist with 2017’s cerused wood in dramatic hues of dark grey. Either bed frame style will compliment the fearless, bright paint trends of the season.

Bold and beautiful colours in royal shades of deep purple or jewel tones like emerald or amethyst can be the modern backdrop to your sweetest dreams.