The Art of Preserving Your Specs: Top Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Lenses

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People put in a lot of effort to find suitable eyeglasses fit for them. It would be disappointing if people’s effort to purchase expensive designer eyeglasses and the right ones would fail to maintain them. Eyeglasses require regular maintenance and, more so, the lenses to ensure they serve you longer. You can bring the best in your glass lenses if you follow these tips and tricks to preserve them.

Maintain Your Lenses

Lenses are prone to wear and tear, which is not your fault. If your lenses turn yellowish due to old age, you should consider Oakley replacement lenses, whose installation takes a few seconds. Consider getting a new pair of lenses if your prescription type has changed. Be sure to get regular eye check-ups to know when to replace your lenses for better vision. Another way you could maintain your lenses is by holding your glasses correctly. Handle them carefully at the edge of the frames when you want to wear, clean, or wipe them. You must strictly use the recommended cleaning products to ensure total maintenance of your lenses.

Clean Regularly

Lenses must be regularly cleaned with the right products to clarify your vision. Using ammonia to clean your lenses is highly not recommended. Ammonia and other household cleaners may not be compatible with a layer of your lens coating and may be sensitive and result in harmful reactions. Consider using mild soap with no additives and warm water when cleaning your lenses. It would be best if you then used your fingers to wash the lenses gently. Use at least two index fingers to do the cleaning. 

Follow up by rinsing them under cool water, and gently dry your lenses with a soft towel. Sometimes you can clean your lenses using lens cleaner. Use the products you bought for your lenses, and spray both sides. It would be best if you then wiped gently with a microfiber cloth. Dry your lenses using the dry portion of the fabric. If you do not have the microfiber cloth, consider using tissue paper and moisturizer. You could take your lens cleaning practices a notch higher and invest in prepackaged moistened wipes. Avoid using clothing not recommended because it can hurt and scratch your lenses.

Use the Proper Cloth to Dry

If you use a towel, napkin, or tissue to dry your lenses, your lenses are prone to scratches. These clothing have rough textured surfaces that automatically damage your lens. These clothes may feel soft on your hands but are lethal when drying your specs lenses. Consider using 100% cotton material to wipe your lenses. Dirty residue on your wiping cloth can transfer dirt onto your lens, making it useless to tap them in the first place.

Avoid Resting Your Glasses Downwards

Surfaces are rough, have residue, and they are dirty. When you place your glasses downwards, you expose them to scratches from the rough surface. If you must place them on a table or any other surface, be sure to place them facing an upward direction. However, the best and most effective option is putting them inside a casing designed to be comfortable and safe for your lenses.

Keep Glasses off the Heat

Lenses can bend when they are exposed to high temperatures. You will likely place your lenses on a car’s dashboard when the sun is burning heavily. You should avoid exposing your lenses to heat. Lenses can fall out from the glasses because they tend to bend. Heated lenses are known to cause optical distortion, which results in poor visual performance. Most people who wear glasses will likely forget to take them off when they visit the saunas or a hair-drying salon. This is dangerous to your lenses because any temperature above 60 degrees Celsius can be fatal to the lens coating and may peel off.  

Store Your Glasses Properly

Proper storage of your glasses is critical to taking care of your lenses. Individuals commonly place their glasses on their heads when not wearing them, which is dangerous, as they can fall off and damage the lenses. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you could throw them into the bag and pack something that can damage the lenses. These behaviors slowly threaten the lifespan of your lenses. Store them inside their cases to protect them from damage, falling off, and dust. Proper storage of your specs will ensure that you do not misplace them. Specs greatly value your appearance and vision; thus, losing them can significantly impact you. Remember to store your glasses in the same place, so you won’t lose them.

Lenses are the most critical part of your glasses. Be sure to maintain them, so they will serve you for a more extended period. Replacing your damaged and old glasses is also a form of preserving your lenses. Utilize the above tips and tricks to ensure you maintain your lenses to serve you for a longer time.

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