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The 50 States Children’s Book Review

The 50 States Children’s Book Review

Last week I was sent a fabulous book to review called “The 50 States”.

When the book arrived in the mail I was delighted to receive such a huge non fiction book full of lovely illustrations and interesting facts. I’ve always loved illustrated non fiction books since childhood and I was excited to show this to my 7 year old daughter.

The 50 states by Sol Linero and Gabrielle Balkan.

The 50 States by Sol Linero and Gabrielle Balkan, is a beautifully illustrated collection of maps. For each American state, there is are two pages of illustrations. These pages include a map of the state, lots of interesting facts, symbols and a trivia box.

As a qualified teacher, I love the educational aspect of the book. I could sit and read this with my daughter for hours. I love the designs and there is simply so much to read and learn. It’s fabulous. I have to be honest, I did not want to show my daughter the book straight away. I wanted to put it away for Christmas however I couldn’t exactly write a review and say whether Sylvia enjoyed it or not without showing her.

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My daughter loved “The 50 States”. In particular she enjoyed choosing a state from the map at the front of the book and finding the corresponding page. She also enjoyed looking for the state flags and reading about Hawaii which has facts about Polynesian culture which she is a part.

We really enjoyed this book by Wide View and I’d recommend it as a great book for kids. I do think it is best suited to a child 6 plus and it is a beautiful book to add to the collection.

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Angela x


  1. This sounds like a really good book and great fun, I like that it’s educational too. It certainly looks like your little girl is enjoying it 🙂
    Also following you on Instagram.

  2. That’s amazing! children should be more open to this type of book and can educate them further and who knows one day their the one travelling the places.

  3. This looks gorgeous. I totally want this book for myself! My daughter lovs none fiction and has a great memory for facts, so she’d defiantely enjoy this (I’ll add it to the rapidly expanding list of possible Christmas gifts).

  4. This book looks great! I’m not sure if its available in the UK or not, but I’ve been trying to teach my eldest about the US and how different all of the various states are. xx

  5. Sounds like a great book. I watched a documentary on this topic before and it was really interesting – great to find out how the states were formed and the history around them. Could do with this book myself!

  6. I love non fiction books as does me eldest and they are often a way to get reluctant readers more interested. Looks like a very well illustrated book too. #lovetoread

    1. This is a fabulous book! I hope my daughter develops my love for non fiction too! These reference style books are lovely and a collection i’m personally interested in!

  7. Oh this looks perfect for us! Me and the kids did one of those tests the other week online about the states of America.I think we only got 10 right.

    1. Ha ha. I was just saying. I’ve never studied or learnt anything about America- growing up in New Zealand, i studied different geography so it will be fun to learn new things!

    1. Oh Esther! It’s awesome and I’m going to read it myself too! I have my own collection- I had a collection before Sylvia was even born of great children’s books but had to leave them in New Zealand when we moved to the UK so I am rebuilding the bookshelf with wonderful books!

    1. Yes the Illustrations are what makes this book unique and special. it is fabulous and I’d love to collect the whole wide eyed series if i were lucky enough!

  8. It’s great to see children enjoying non fiction books. The 50 States book looks interesting, is it silly of me that I didn’t realise each state had a flag?!

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