Testing out Anti Snore and Iron Tablets

iron tablets

Testing out Anti Snore and Iron Tablets

Recently John and I have been testing a variety of health products. I strengthened my nails and have been using hair strengthener shampoo. I’ve also been using a number of vitamins and products to help boost my energy levels and John has been testing out a plant based anti snore solution.

iron tablets

John – Testing out SoluSnore

So John has been testing out the SoluSnore. These are menthol tablets which you can dissolve on your tongue and help reduce snoring whilst sleeping. John tried out the tablets, whilst they tasted okay for him, he wasn’t too keen on taking the tablets and I guess that’s because he can’t hear his own snoring at night so it doesn’t bother him as much as it does me.

The tablets did appear to help with John’s snoring however after a day or two he was no longer interested in testing out the product. I have to write an honest review and this is how things played out for us.

The SoluSnore packaging in mainly in french and we did find it really hard to figure out the instructions for taking the tablets and had to go online to work it out. Again it’s not something I think we would use again.

Angela – Testing out Hubner Iron Vital M

I have been testing out the Hubner Iron Vital M tablets. These were well packaged with plenty of information which was clear to understand on how to take the tablets. The Iron tablets did help boost my energy levels. I do suffer from Iron deficiency and whilst taking these I felt a little improved.

The Iron tablets are suitable for children, mothers and young women and had to be chewed in between meals. The tablets also contained vitamin C and Folic acid which is good as I am folate deficient so I’m hoping this has helped me in rebuilding my folate levels too.

I do feel a difference in my energy levels but I think I need to take stronger supplements personally. I feel these are more for people wanting a maintenance dose rather than someone like me who is often very low in Iron.

The Hubner tablets do taste nice and I enjoyed the flavour. They are also designed for sensitive stomachs and if you follow my blog, I for sure have one of those. I give the Hubner tablets a thumbs up.

We were sent the products for the purpose of this review. Opinions are honest based upon my experience.

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