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Minions Baking And Crafting Ideas For Kids

I am a Despicable Me fan. In fact my whole family love Despicable Me. From the first time we watched the movie we fell in love with the notoriously cute minions. We found them hilarious. I don’t even know why. I guess they are quite funny characters, they talk in funny mumbo jumbo voices and do silly little things and for some reason we simply cannot get enough of them.

Little Yellow Minions make us Happy.

If I was a Fashion, Beauty or Recipe Blogger, I might be a little embarrassed about this post but I’m not, I’m a Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger. Minions are something we find interesting, it’s something my daughter likes.

As a parent who is also a qualified teacher, I strongly believe in interest based learning. I try to provide opportunities for my daughter to do activities based upon those things she is interested in.

As a mum whose family has fallen head over heals for the adorable Minion characters, I decided to write this post.

Here are the Confessions of a Despicable Me Fan.

-We own both Despicable Me 1 and Despicable Me 2 on Blueray.

-We are eagerly anticipating watching the new Minion Movie when it comes out and plan to go to the theatre as a family.

-Sylvia and I baked Shortbread in the Summer and made Minion cookies.

dispicable me

-On my husband’s Birthday- he watched the Minions sing “The Happy Birthday” song to him on Youtube. It was a laugh.

-Sylvia and I made a Minion from a toilet roll.


-My Ipad cover is all Minions.

-We bought Minion tissues from the £1 shop just to get the box.

-Sylvia has a Minion Money Box

-Last Year Sylvia and I made Minion hats and we walked around the Supermarket as Minions- . (We got a lot of stares and strange looks).

-Our favourite part of Despicable me is when the Minions begin dancing to the YMCA. My husband and daughter have danced along to this.

dispicable me


-We love to google Minions on Google Chrome. There are so many different types.

When it comes to Blogging, so often the crafts are perfect, the pictures are fabulous, everyone looks stylish. This is not one of those posts. This is the real us, the things we do and our family fun.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I’d love to read your comments

Angela x

Minions Baking And Crafting Ideas For Kids