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The past few days have been a little tough for both Sylvia and myself. Sylvia had a major allergic reaction. I am not too sure what caused the reaction but this has happened twice in 2 months and she ended up with hives all over her arms.

I’m going to be getting some support to try and find out what is causing my daughters allergic reaction and hopefully we can deal with it once we know.

Due to the allergy Sylvia felt so so sick. She threw up three times on Saturday night and spent Sunday resting on the sofa and recovering from the ordeal.

As for myself, I have been recovering from my trip to London on Monday and just building my strength back up. Thank goodness we have had John here to support us.

A Trip To The Hospital

I then had a phone call on Friday asking me to come in to the Hospital for an urgent Iron Transfusion, which I’ve been waiting for. I was super pleased.

I went to hospital today and had my Iron Infusion which was not exactly fun. It turned out to be a bad experience which I am not ready to discuss but left me quite upset at the time.

After three days of feeling quite rubbish, Sylvia and I received a parcel in the post. This was perfect timing and was a super cute gift from Teddy Mountain.

teddy mountain

Teddy Mountain is a fantastic company specialising in stuff your own teddy’s. You can choose your own teddy from a bear, to a dog or a unicorn and you will be sent the materials to stuff your teddy along with a “make a bear promise” and certificate. We also received a lovely bag.

Teddy Mountain Make A Bear

So after three really crappy days, sickness, allergies and a trip to the hospital, Sylvia received a lovely Dog to fill and stuff from Teddy Mountain.

We first met Teddy Mountain on twitter and they kindly gifted Sylvia the Dog, which was not only on her Christmas list, but also great timing after a rough few days.

teddy mountain

Sylvia got to work stuffing her dog. It was easy enough for Sylvia to do herself and she told me it was quite fun. Once her Teddy Mountain dog was ready, Sylvia gave her dog a name, completing the certificate she was sent.

Sylvia’s new Teddy Mountain bear is called David after her grandpa David who recently passed away. I think  a new teddy is something my daughter can really enjoy at this time especially as things have been rough.  This new stuffed dog teddy has brightened my daughters day! That’s for sure!

Thanks Teddy Mountain!

teddy mountain

This item was gifted. I was not asked to review but chose to share as a blog post.