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Teaching Kids to Read With Tech

read with kids

Teaching Kids to Read With Tech

*This is a Collaborative Post

As a parent you may want to encourage a love of reading and books in your kids. Teaching kids to love reading can sometimes be difficult especially with so many distractions in the modern world. Technology and reading don’t have to be the enemy and there are many ways to use the devices your kids love to help them develop literacy skills and learn to read.

read with kids

Best Devices for Reading

  • LeapFrog – This kid’s company is known for providing children with educational games and devices. If you have young children you want to teach to read, the LeapReader may be the device you need. The LeapReader Junior works with your kids who are heading to preschool by providing them with board books that have real-life sounds. They then can grow into the LeapReader that helps them start to sound out words, trace letters, listen to audio books and develop a love for reading. My daughter and I have a Leapfrog Read With Me Scout and it’s a really great toy that encourages early years literacy. 

Leap Frog Read With Me Scout

  • Kindle – While you may think e-readers are only for adults or kids who are able to read full books, you’d be surprised at how many kids options they have. You can find your favourite classic children’s books as well as newer stories that help your kids learn new words and skills. The Kindle even supports picture books, so your kids will be able to see what’s going on.


  • Galaxy S7 – You don’t need to buy a separate device to get your kids reading. Purchase an Android smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, so you can sync it to the Kindle app and download other reading apps and games. Smartphones also are great if your children are learning how to write and spell because they can use the smart keyboards to start writing a word and receive help if they get stuck on how to spell it.

Apps and Games for Reading

  • Vocabulary – If your children struggling with their vocabulary in school or you want to get a head start, use one of the many vocabulary apps available in the Play Store. is a game that helps kids thoroughly learn new words without relying on flash cards. Kids accumulate points and earn badges while competing with their friends to master the most words. The app grows with them to improve their vocabulary and comes back to old words so they don’t forget. For younger kids, check out Endless Alphabet to help them learn their ABC’s and new words.


  • Reading Comprehension – Wordle is an interesting app to help your kids improve their reading comprehension. It’s a game the creates word clouds based on how many times certain words are used in a story. You can change the colours, layout and font of the word clouds to make pictures or charts to start a discussion about the story. Using the word cloud, ask your kids why they think the author used a particular word so many times and what it has to say about the story. Rainbow Sentences is another app that helps with reading comprehension, but in a very different way. It colour codes sentences based on their parts of speech to help kids learn grammar and sentence fluency. Your kids also can start learning how to put their own sentences together with the help of this app.

Don’t make reading a chore for your kids. Make it a fun time to learn and play together in a way they understand. The more positive the experience is for them, the more likely they are to develop a lifelong love of reading.

Angela x

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Read With Kids

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    1. Leap Frog is great. Sylvia also loves using her Ipod and playing on my phone.. there are so many educational and literacy apps to choose from.

  1. I think all the devices, apps, and games that are being used to help kids learn/read are great! Though a lot of these things were just starting when I was a child, I got the pleasure of using quite a few as well. I do think that we shouldn’t stray away from books/paper/the old school way, but if there are other resources to help, why not use them all! 🙂

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