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Teach Your Kids The Ways Of The World – Collaboration

The ways of the world are always changing, especially in the modern age that we’re living today. We think that due to the way that the world is changing so quickly, the way that we raise our children is. If you think back to our parents and how they would have been raised, it’s totally different from how we were raised. How we were raised is totally different from how we’re expected to raise our children. And that’s solely due to how the world is changing.

Things are now accepted that might not have been back in the day. There’s technology to contend with. Theirs stricter regulations to contend with. There’s also more dangers in the world. The list of things that kids now have to know that we didn’t have to know is extensive. They have to jump through hoops to succeed at school, and even then they’re not guaranteed the best job in the world. But you can guarantee them the best upbringing that you can possibly give them. You want to make sure that they get every experience out there that they deserve. To do so, you’re going to have to teach them the ways of the world, and we’ll show you how you can do just that!

Teach Them Quirky Knowledge

There’s knowledge out there that children are learning that’s completely pointless. Although we know that some parents would argue that all education is essential, we know this not to be true. For example, think about some of the maths skills and science skills that you learnt in school that you just haven’t thought about since. It’s not every day that we have to calculate the angle of a triangle. So that’s why we think that there are some quirky bits of knowledge that we can teach our children, that might actually come in handy as they grow older. Take the phonetic alphabet. This is something we adults just seem to learn as we grow up.

How many times have you had to use it whilst on a phone call to a call centre! The phonetic alphabet is easy enough to learn, and it can be really fun for children as well. They usually find all of the words funny, or boys think that they’re in the army. If you can find ways to break up the learning they do in school with something fun like this, then you’re winning!

We also think it’s good to fill your children with knowledge of your family history. It can be so interesting for them to hear what their great grandparents used to get up to when they were younger, and how times were so much different. It’s a family education at the same time as being a little history lesson.

Big Life Lessons

There are some big life lessons that we learn, and we often learn them the hard way. One of the biggest life lessons that young adults learn, is that it’s so easy to get into debt. Because schools don’t focus on teaching children about finances and how to manage them, it’s a hard concept to understand borrowing money.

Teenagers are being offered credit cards that show them thousands of credit waiting to spend, and they spend it. So much so that parts of the world like the Netherlands are going to wipe out young adults debt to make sure that they can carry on with life. Debt can be so crippling, and not every country is going to follow suit. You also need to teach them about kindness and purity.

There is so much going on in the world at the minute. From bullying that leads to mental health issues, to dangers on the streets. They need to learn how their actions are going to potentially harm others. They also need to know what good they can do with their lives. It might be a nice idea for you and your children to start volunteering for charities. Charities are always looking for help, and it’s a valuable lesson to teach your children to give back to the community.

Show Them The World

Showing them the world is one of the best life lessons that you can give. Think how much it enriches your life to travel to different parts of the world. Now think about how much it will for your children when they have imaginations and visions far stronger than ours.

They can absorb the knowledge of different cultures, and perhaps even appreciate the one that they live in. To raise a child in a happy home, with a healthy financial situation, is a blessing that children don’t realise they have. Plus, family holidays are some of the best bonding times. If you think back to your memories as a kid, some of your most fond will be of the times you spent on holiday.

We’d recommend getting out and seeing different types of countries, not just the all-inclusive holiday breaks you might take in Europe. Take them to parts of the world that live completely differently to we do. Show them the history and traditions of Japan, the beautiful habitats of Borneo, and the religious and laid back vibe of Bali. Expand your holidays, and you will be able to expand your mind.

Turning Into Young Adults

Turning your children into young adults is one of the hardest things to do. As they get into their teenage years they become so much harder to control. Their lives become out of your hands in a way, and that can be scary for any parent. So, we’d recommend that you lead by example. Children feed off the people around them and often take on some of the personalities and traits.

If you’re hard-working, passionate, and an all-round good person, chances are that they will be the same. Make sure you iron out any issues they have in their life so that they can have the best start to their adult life. Problems such as education and career guidance are to name but a few that you might have to deal with.