Taking Your Dog to be Groomed

This week we took our dog Yoda to be groomed but before I share the photos I’ll share a bit about Yoda’s history.

We have certainly had a full on week with Yoda our Puppy. He is officially six months old now and has been chewing everything he can get his paws on! Well I thought I’d tell you a little about Yoda’s parents. His father is called Mr Mickey Mouse and his mother Princess Brittany…. I know!….such strange names. He was registered as Mr Hugo at birth and became Yoda Snowy Taylor Milnes once we had bought him! (Yes the Taylor part is named after Taylor Swift).



Out and About

Yesterday Yoda went on his first visit to the Grooming Salon. He came back looking a stunner! He was totally unrecognisable and smelt so lush. I just wanted to cuddle him like a big teddy bear.

DSC_8002 DSC_8000

The groomer trimmed his whole body, face and tail. He had a luxury bath, was brushed, had his nails done and his ears! Apparently he was unsure at first but then began to like it. Yoda must have known he looked dapper when he arrived home as he strutted his stuff in front of me and paraded himself around the room.


Sylvia was so excited to see Yoda, after school. She came running upstairs and squealed with joy so excited! His first trim was a moment to remember! His puppy hair is almost gone now and the adult hair is coming through. After playing with Sylvia Yoda wolfed down a yummy dinner and went in the garden to play.

Toy of the Week

Yoda hasn’t had any new toys this week. He is quite happy playing with the one’s he got. There are so many to choose from. I think he got quite spoilt at Christmas by my grandparents who bought him a whole pile of little gifts. They really do love him to bits. Yoda loves my grandparents. He always gets excited when we go to visit. He’ll wag his tail in excitement and run down the hall like mad to grandpa. I think it’s because they gave him his first bone and he associates visiting them with yummy treats! Funnily enough so do we!


Caught in the Act

Well, sadly Yoda Poda was a little naughty this week. He chewed through my apple computer cord! I was NOT happy. John and I decided the best thing to do was to buy a child safety gate for the bedroom door. You see the rest of the house is pretty much Puppy proofed! Now we can control when he enters the bedroom and can supervise his puppy antics.


Yoda was not too pleased with the gate but soon got used to it. He now has a crate downstairs and a little bed and play area on the landing. We don’t mind which bed he chooses to sleep in so long as he doesn’t destroy our property!

Yoda’s Weekly Photo

Here is Yoda’s Photo of the Week. I hope you like it.


Come back and join us next week to continue following Yoda’s life Journey.

Angela x


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  1. Haha, sounds like Yoda gets more pampering than me. I would love to have all my body hair removed and my nails done!


    1. He will need a regular hair cut. I’m hoping to find a sponsor for Yoda’s posts to help cover his costs. They do add up…and yes…I’d love to go tot he salon for the day…and have a good pampering! 🙂 Lucky my hair doesn’t grow as fast as his lol!

  2. Hi Angela, Yoda looks quiet the dog all spruced up! I’m sure they know, we had a dog we used to take to be groomed and when she came back she acted like Lady Muck!

    When we got Alphie, a Yorkie type dog, he chewed through my computer cable too (luckily it wasn’t plugged in!). Now he’s older he isn’t a chewer at all. Hopefully that’s the case with Yoda too!


    1. Thanks Debs. I’m sure it’s simple puppy behaviour. He really is a sweetie. He just needs supervision as he’s a baby 🙂 angelaxx

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