Taking Care of Your Body After Winter

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Taking Care of Your Body After Winter

Spring is here, but with the weather we’ve been subject to, you wouldn’t know. Unfortunately, all this cold may be taking its toll on your body. Now, with dry skin and limp, lifeless hair, you’re in need of a little Spring sunshine.

Hopefully warmer weather is right around the corner, but rather than waiting for some vitamin D, here are some ways you can rejuvenate your body after this long, harsh Winter.

Cooler Showers

When you get up in the morning and it’s cold, you may be tempted to warm up under a hot shower. While this may make you feel toasty, your skin won’t thank you. This is because hot water opens your pores, stripping your skin and hair of its natural moisture. Instead, turn the temperature down. Your shower may not be as enjoyable, but your body will thank you for it.

Healthy Foods

Cold weather may have you turning to your favourite comfort foods, but as delicious as they are, they won’t help take care of your body. Give your skin and immune system a boost by choosing healthy foods.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C to boost the immune system and stimulate collage production, and choose healthy fats and oils which could help to replenish your skin.

Lots of Water

Getting enough water is important during the summer when temperatures are higher and we spend more time in the sun. However, you should also make sure to stay hydrated during cold weather, too. This is because being dehydrated can dry out skin. The good news is that boosting water intake could help your complexion and prevent your skin from feeling as dry.

Pamper Skin

While you can do what you can to eat right and look after your skin, the cold temperatures can still take their toll. When this happens, it’s time to pamper your skin – Neom Organics do some amazing sets.

The light moisturiser you use during the warmer months won’t cut it. Instead, opt for a heavy-duty moisturiser, like a butter or body oil. Choose things like coconut, olive, almond and avocado, which are great at nourishing dry skin and replacing oils.

Nourish Hair

You’ve sorted your skin but what about your hair? Cold weather, hot water and hair dryers can all take their toll, leaving your scalp feeling dry and your hair lacklustre. To solve this, use oil treatments. Apply to the scalp as a mask or use sparingly on ends to help prevent drying and splitting.

Your body may feel dry and sore after Winter, but hopefully these tips will help get your body Spring-ready.

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