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Sylvia’s Miu Miu Designer Glasses – Review

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and it’s almost time to get out the sunglasses and enjoy the sunny weather. I remember wearing sunglasses a lot as a young teen. However as I grew older I required prescription glasses and the appeal of sunglasses wore off. 

The good news is when I got contact lenses I was able to wear sunglasses again. I currently don’t use contacts and so I have ordered my first pair of prescription sunglasses in almost 10 years. I’m quite excited and my husband is off to pick them up from my optometrist. I’m really looking forward to it. 

In fact, Sylvia and I will both have a pair of sunglasses this summer which we can wear as we sit in the garden and relax together. Sylvia was given the chance to review a pair of Miu Miu glasses which she really loves. 

miu miu designer sunglasses sylvias style

Miu Miu Glasses

Sylvia chose to receive a pair of Miu Miu Noir heart shaped sunglasses. These designer glasses are super cute and stylish and I really do love the look!

The glasses have a chrome setting and a red shaped silhouette. They have the Miu Miu lettering on the side and adjustable nose pads for the right fit. 

The main features of Sylvia’s new glasses are:

  • Enameled metal frames
  • heart shaped silhouette
  • Miu Miu lettering and logo engraved
  • Coloured acetate temple tips
  • adjustable nose pads
designer sunglasses

Sylvia’s Style And The Future

Those of you who follow our Sylvia’s style posts will notice that she sure is growing. We began modelling clothes and fashion items back in 2015 when she was very young. Sylvia’s first designer dress was a Rachel Riley dress which was absolutely gorgeous. It was yellow with red butterflies.

miu miu glasses for sylvia milnes

We have had quite a few opportunities to review really nice clothing here on The Inspiration Edit, along with fashion items, beauty and style. 

We do love certain styles and whilst some may be more expensive, such as these fantastic Miu Miu glasses, other items will come from more generic or budget brands because we do love bargains and Sylvia’s style is not necessarily juts designer.

We love Primark t-shirts and hoodies. We are especially fond of Disney clothing from Primark. We enjoy shopping the Tesco FnF brands and have found some lovely party clothes recently from Next and Asda George. 

miu miu glasses

I think what is important to me and Sylvia is that we live within our means and live frugally and on a budget. We need to do this, however it is nice to get designer items from time to time which we can treasure and enjoy and this one of the benefits of working really hard on the blog. 

None of the items we receive are free gifts! We have to work for them. I have to blog consistently and regular and Sylvia of course has to take time out to do photo shoots and let me know what she thinks of the items she reviews.

We do love these sunglasses though and they are stunners. We will be taking them to New Zealand with us in August and she can wear them in the coming years as she grows from tween to teenager.