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Sylvia’s Had A Yorkshire Holiday

This week Sylvia has been away visiting with her grandma Sharon from New Zealand. My mum is in Yorkshire visiting her mother, (my grandma) and it was the perfect opportunity for my daughter and mum to have some bonding time together.

While Sylvia has been away I was able to continue my recovery from my virus which turned to pneumonia and I’m slowly getting better. It’s taking ages to be honest and I’ve been on extra steroid medication. I tried reducing my dose but I became really unwell so I need to patient a little longer.

While Sylvia has been on her Yorkshire holiday, I took the time to go through all of Sylvias drawers and shelves and ditch the junk.

I sorted through everything from the toys to all of Sylvia’s clothes and it was great timing as I now know what she is in need of.

My daughter has plenty of toys so I’m thinking of getting her a keyboard for Christmas. That’s a nice gift and something that won’t end up as tat on the floor or rubbish in the bin.

Clothing wise I was able to sort through all of Sylvias clothes and see what she is in need of.

Yorkshire holiday

I took out everything that is too small and made a pile for my sister in New Zealand, (Deborah has four daughters) and then I sent a load of items to charity.

Sylvia has plenty of t-shirts and leggings. She has about three dresses that fit her, two warm coats and plenty of socks.

The things we are running low on is underwear which I’ll be picking up from the local supermarket and warm vests for winter.

Sylvia also has no pyjamas that fit her. So, I’m going to save up and get her some new PJs that fit and a dressing gown.

Lastly she needs some warm slippers, one or two cardigans and a party dress for Christmas.

Yorkshire holiday

I’m pleased I was able to sort out my daughters room. We got new blinds which John put up yesterday. They are super cool and glow in the dark.

The room was a right mess but when she gets home, everything will be all ready for Autumn and winter. Her room is clean and tidy and organised.

I’m hoping we may get some opportunities to review kids clothing next year. That would be great.

We are also visiting Affinity Outlet Lancashire on Saturday when Sylvia returns as part of a Halloween blog event so I’ll be looking out for any bargains I may spot.

Yorkshire holiday

I am pleased I am slowly improving health wise and moving back towards my normal again. I look forward to shopping on the weekend and seeing my daughter.

While she has been in Yorkshire, Sylvia has been to the movies and had a lot of fun. I watched Oceans 8 which I really enjoyed and now it’s time to get back to reality!

Sylvia took her new Star Wars Jumper to grandma’s. My Mum bought it for her and she loves it. She modelled it before she went. I hope you like it. I do and Sylvia’s Star Wars Crazy dad John loves it too!


Back to school on Monday!