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Swimming Shorts For Men

House of Fraser Shorts

Those of you who follow Sylvia’s Style will know that my daughter loves fashion. I have no idea where she gets it from as it’s not something I’ve ever been into until Sylvia started showing an interest in clothes and style and naturally the interest has grown on me too.

Over the past few months Sylvia has started going swimming with Daddy on Saturdays. They love it. In fact John has just bought some new goggles and is in need of a new pair of swimming shorts. So Sylvia and I have been looking online for a pair of shorts which she thinks would look great on her dad.

We visited the House of Fraser Mens Swimwear section and have come up with our top 8 pairs of Mens Swimming shorts. We may just buy a pair for Daddy for Father’s Day. I really do like the Polo Ralph Lauren ones.

So here is our choice.

House of Fraser Shorts

  1. Howick 2 Tone Hawaiian Print Swim Shorts 
  2. Hugo Boss Classic Swim Shorts
  3. Mens Duck and Cover Danno Hawaiian Print Swim
  4. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Swim Shorts Red
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Swim Shorts Blue
  6. Hugo Boss BlackFish Photo Print Swim Shorts
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Swim Shorts Yellow
  8. Polo Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Swim Shorts

So these are the shorts Sylvia and I like and I’m thinking and hoping John might like them too. Which pair of shorts do you like best?

This is a collaborative post and all views and opinions are my own


  1. Great choices. My husband loves blue, in fact most of his wardrobe is blue. So if I was kind I would choose the hugo boss blue ones. If I wasn’t feeling kind I would buy him the yellow ones and tell him he had to wear them because his daughters brought them for Fathers Day. You got me thinking now ha ha x

  2. the blue boss ones are my fav.. but what a great collection to choose from.. ive just came back from holidays and my husband could of done with a look at this before we left.. i think he must have the same pair for around 5 years!!!!

  3. Good choices. We all need new swimwear over here too! I think I like the Hugo Boss BlackFish ones best – I like the picture on it. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

    1. there are tons of swimming shorts to choose from lol! I think bright ones might stand out well especially if we were on holiday and i didn’t have my glasses on. I’d be able to see John by colour!

  4. I definitely like the stripy blue ones. Great choices. If you get the yellow ones, at least you won’t lose him on holiday haha. You’ve just reminded me that we really need some new swimwear.x

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