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8 Summer Wedding Tips To Keep Wedding Guests Happy

Even in the extreme blazing temperatures, there’s no stopping a bride from opting for a summer wedding. The romantic blue sky and scenic view provide the perfect atmosphere
for the eternal wedding vows. Nonetheless, the stifling heat and humidity can ruin even the best of weddings when mother nature strikes at summer. But don’t let the frightening weather throw a wrench in your plans.

3 days ago it was my 5 year wedding anniversary. My wedding day happened to be on the hottest day in 2013 and the weather was boiling hot. 5 years on I still remember the heat and the fact my hubby had to rush to the store to buy an electric fan to help cool us down during the meal and speeches. It was crazy hot.


Here are tips for ensuring the comfort of your guests and having an unforgettable mind- blowing summer wedding.

Choose a great venue

A beautiful reception site that can cater to the heat and allow the guests to relax and cool down is very essential. In other words, your venue should offer both outdoor and indoor party areas, including a great view that’s great for taking photos. Guests can choose if they prefer to be in the outdoor area, or comfortable inside the building.

Don’t forget Air conditioning.

Summertime is all about the heat. So, make sure an open-air venue offers some form of shade or air-conditioning. Having some high-quality air-conditioning units is a no-brainer.

The distribution of these units is equally important – place them around the cake, seating area, the bar and everywhere you expect that guests will gather. Moreover, who says an old-fashioned hand fan will not do the trick or design a fan-shaped program if you want to get creative.

Prepare for the bugs.

Flies love a great party, only that they never get invited. If there’s even a chance that mosquitoes and insects will come around, you’ll want to have a game plan. Citronella candles and tiki torches help to keep these wedding crashers at bay.

You can even add bug spray to hospitality baskets for guests at the venue. Place a basket with bug spray in the guest bathroom and they will thank you when they get
home without bites.

Provide sunscreen

Dress your guests for the temperature. Add sunglasses to the dress code in the invitation cards. Better still, customise sunglasses with your wedding tag or twitter hashtag and place them
in baskets, alongside the bug spray. If you aren’t into sunglasses, handing out spray bottles of high-SPF sunscreen will make you a terrific host.

Serve Ice-cold drinks

Consider going frozen with all your drinks and signature cocktail. Make available lots of ice water in fashionable glasses with nice slices of lemon, lime or orange.It is a great idea to make available a refreshing drink before the ceremony starts.

Offer chilled treats, like frozen ice-pops, snow cones or any frozen drink that fits your wedding
theme. Make your bar summer friendly and stock it with a few ice-filled coolers of water bottles and beverages.

Choose flowers that hold up in the heat.

Use flowers that thrive in summer since they will be super fresh, less expensive, and they’ll also make your pictures blend with the already gorgeous scenery.

Flowers that hold up in the heat like calla lilies, orchids, garden roses and sunflowers are trendy and don’t need ultra-cooling. If seasonal flowers don’t appeal to you, then you have to keep your wedding flowers fresh, perhaps popping all of your bouquets into a refrigerator before the ceremony.

Don’t begin your summer wedding midday. It will be close to impossible to beat the heat, despite all preparations, with the sun at its strongest. The ideal plan will be to shoot the ceremony or late afternoon. The temperature dips at sunset, and it provides a great mood for parting. Another bet is to go for a late night party if your venue allows it.

Dress for the temperature.

Embrace a style that is suitable for the season. Opt for a loose-fitting blend of light fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, crepe, or voile over silk. To avoid the bugs, especially bees, skip the perfume until the evening hours when they are less likely to hover around. To avoid frequent trips to the restroom to fix your makeup, avoid liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner, and liquid blush. Go with powder-based waterproof makeup or consult a professional who is familiar with dressing couples for summer weddings.


Other than these, decoration of the wedding venue should be given priority.  You should rent wedding furniture that is of good standard. When you go for the best wedding décor, you can expect to get good admirations from the guests as they would feel comfortable sitting and roaming around a wedding venue that looks stunning.

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