Summer Art with Belle And Boo


Summer Art with Belle And Boo

This year for my daughter’s eight birthday I wanted to give Sylvia something different. Sylvia sometimes gets toys or products to review every few months and so finding the perfect birthday gift can take some thinking.

Sylvia has been asking and saving up for her own swing for sometime now and it is finally going to arrive next week. She is so excited and so am I. Sylvia also had a birthday party where she was given some lovely gifts and so I wanted to give her something special and different. Something she can keep for a long time.

I saw some amazing Art work created by Mandy Sutcliffe. Mandy is the Creative Director at Belle & Boo and I’ve fallen in love with her vintage style “story book” drawings. They are so cute and as Sylvia loves drawing and Art, I thought this would be the perfect special gift.


So for Sylvia’s birthday we gave her a framed picture to put on her wall. We are hoping to move house in the very near future and these Illustrations will match the simple and pretty style I hope to create in her future bedroom.

We also got a second picture which is just so cute. This is another lovely piece and when I gave both pieces of art to Sylvia, she was super excited and thought they were lovely. They came in a fantastic box and are really cute.


Belle & Boo is something I came across randomly and I’m really glad I did as I love the items for sale on the website. They have gorgeous products  such as aprons, stationary, cushions and tea towels and I’ve been browsing the store to see what others items we might possibly get in future.


We were gifted the Art Work in return for an honest opinion.


    1. Thanks Becky. They are cute and Sylvia was super excited when she opened them. She has planned where she wants to put them. We just have to put them up now.

  1. I love these pictures, we have a Belle and Boo sticker book that Sofia was given as a present. I have been meaning to check the name of the artist as I think the little girl looks very like my God Daughter. I thought it would be nice to give her something with these designs as a present.

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