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Frozen Merchandise Have you been sucked into buying it?

Last year Sylvia said something really funny. She wanted to build Ice Castles.

The weather had been really cold and we had had a lot of ice and hail with a tiny bit of snow. Sylvia expressed to me how disappointed she was that the snow had not settled. I told her I was pleased as I do not like getting stuck in the snow. She replied, “but I won’t be able to build a snowman and throw snowballs and make Ice Castles”. This cracked me up.

As a child I never made an Ice castle but I guess with the  Disney movie, Frozen, making ice castles in the snow became a new “norm”. I was intrigued and asked Sylvia… “how do you intend to build an ice castle in the snow?”, she replied, “the same as a sandcastle silly! but you use snow instead of sand!”.

Sylvia really does have a love for the movie Frozen. For Christmas last year we bought her the characters, Ahna, Elsa and Kristoff. We also invested in the very expensive Frozen Ice Castle which she has played with quite a lot in the past year,

We have the Elsa and Ahna bedding on the bed and John bought Sylvia  her very own Olaf snowman. He sings the famous “in summer song”. My daughter  loves it and is really quite excited. She keeps Olaf on her bed every night.

For Sylvia’s birthday in May, she got the Ahna and Elsa Dolls and had a Frozen Birthday Cake. My daughter is not the only one though, millions of kids around the world are in love with Frozen, Ahna, Elsa and the adorable Olaf.

Frozen olaf cake

More recently Sylvia was given a set of Frozen Pyjamas and it appears that the hysteria for Frozen merchandise has not gone down. My daughter is now asking for the Frozen Elsa flip and switch which she saw on Youtube.

I never imagined i’d get sucked into buying so much Frozen merchandise. I sometimes think, boy how crazy is this and other days I feel, it’s simply part of every child’s life.

I decided that this Christmas I wouldn’t be buying anything Frozen related for Sylvia. She has enough. Yet she has put the Flip and Switch as the number one item on her santa list.

So. although I may not buy anything Frozen, Santa may just sneak in there the flip and switch toy that my child goes on and on about all the time.

What about you? Have you been sucked into buying frozen products? Are you like me? Is Frozen a big part of your child’s life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Yep! My girl is crazy about Frozen. I thought I had just about bought everything then I started shopping for Christmas and saw a whole heap of new things. The latest thing my girl wants is the Frozen version of Monopoly. lol

    1. Ha ha! I don’t think its a bad thing. It’s part of my daughter’s childhood and she just loves Ahna and Elsa. I’ve not seen Frozen monopoly though lol! We have junior monopoly so we wont be buying another one! he he he! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thankfully I have a boy. And he’s not really into anything character…he likes Minions, but doesn’t ask for them more than any other toy he walks past in a shop. But, I’m not a fan of characters, so while he has had a gruffalo onesie and soft toy, I don’t play to go and buy him character things even if he was into something.

    He hates frozen though – they used to play the music and sing it at nursery, but he’s never seen the film. He says it’s boring, for girls, and refused to go to a girl’s birthday party because she’d stuck frozen stickers on the envelope (it wasn’t even a frozen party!)

  3. I’m glad that Blake is an an age where he can’t ask what he would like. I know at some point he will get swept into something like this. Saying that we have been buing in the night garden bits for him especially iggle piggle so maybe we have been swept into merchandise items even though not frozen.

    1. Ha Ha! I thin Sylvia wasn’t that much into any brands until Frozen went viral and now she loves it! Iggle piggle is quite a popular one lol- especially now with the come back!

    1. Well I guess thats a great thing. Frozen dolls cost more than any other disney doll in the toy stores at the moment! I cant wait for Moana the pacific island/hawaiian disney movie to come out in the future…as my daughter who is also polynesian will finally have a doll disney princess that looks like her!

  4. I’m happy to say that my child is not obsessed with frozen. Mainly because he is a boy. He likes the song let it go and refers to it whenever an ad comes on that is frozen related but apart from that he is not into it. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Lol

  5. Hayden no longer wants to watch Frozen thank God.
    Me on the other hand I still love a good “Love is an open door” sing-a-long.
    I bet Sylvia would appreciate the Flip and Switch as its at the top of her list. Bless her
    Charlotte 🙂

  6. *puts hand in air*
    Me! I’ve bought more Frozen stuff than I ever thought I would. In my head I’m kind of against merchandise and consumerism. But then Snow Glow Else was £12 on Black Friday. What was I meant to do? One of my 19 month olds few words is “leddi-go” (let it go), it was the obvious choice for Christmas present!

    1. … Just read the other comments.
      How they differ to my house! My 3yr boy LOVES frozen, only reason my little girls seen it is because he watched it last week. Last year he wanted one of those elsa headbands with the plait ? He made do with cutlery and crockery. I think he’s going to be jealous of Bee’s Snow Glow Elsa… Should have bought 2! He’s more of a minion fan this yr though, so will probably end up with more minion merch by January! Xx

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