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Having A Stylish Bedroom When I’m Unwell

One of the places I spend the most time in has to be my bedroom. The reality is I have a chronic illness, Adrenal Insufficiency and with that comes a lot of bedrest, sleeping, sickness and of course blogging from the bedside.

Today I wanted to talk about three ways I like to keep my bedroom fresh and stylish as part of the Yorkshire Linen’s Bedroom Challenge. Let’s begin!

Fresh Sheets On The Bed

I love fresh sheets. In fact, we have got into a habit of changing our sheets over more regular and it really does make a difference. Having a clean fresh bed is a wonderful feeling.

I guess that’s why I love visiting hotels. However with fresh new sheets, I can give my room the little extra love it needs to make staying in bed a little more joyful.

I love cotton sheets the most. I am not a fan of silky material. I think cotton sheets help keep me cool and they are really super comfy.

In fact I’m looking forward to getting some new sheets for Christmas. It is the plan! I’m thinking of going for green sheets and matching pillow cases. I’m really looking forward to that.

A New Duvet Cover

I can not tell you how often I have had a new duvet cover in my life. It’s something I like to get at least every year. I’m not sure why but maybe it has a lot to do with being bed bound when I’m unwell.

Having different duvet covers really helps change up the room without too much effort and it’s great to be able to go to my sheets cupboard and choose a different covering for the bed.

New Curtains For The Bedroom

One way to freshen up the bedroom would be to invest in a set of gorgeous curtains. I have a nice set in my room at the moment which I actually got from Yorkshire Linen about 2 years ago. They are gold and really look nice.

Blackout Curtains

I’m on the look out for curtains for Sylvia’s room at the moment as the one’s we have don’t quite match the style of her room. In order to make the room peaceful and perfect to induce sleep, blackout curtains can be a good option too. Blackout curtains by Yorkshire Linen are available here if you want to check.

How do you freshen up your bedroom? What is your favourite thing to do?


*In collaboration with Yorkshire Linen*