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Struggling On The Weight Loss Journey

Well hey there, it’s been two weeks since I last wrote an update on my Weight Loss Journey and I have to admit the past week has been such a struggle. I have really found it hard ever since I came back from London and since I visited the Weight Loss team at hospital.

I was doing really well with my Weight Watchers plan and then something happened. I got more unwell than my usual, I had to double up my medication and I regained almost everything I had lost during 6 weeks of healthy eating.

I have to admit it was not a easy pill to swallow but if I look at the silver lining, I am not 9 lbs heavier than when I began, just back to the same weight.

It really it hard at times and the Endocrinologist I saw explained to me all the factors I’m up against, from medications, to slow metabolism due to atrophy in my muscles and given everything going on with my health I guess I could say at least I am not bigger.

I really do want to lose weight and I did but then poor health, a reduction in exercise, an increase in meds and a lack of motivation lead me to be back at square one.

However I will not give up. I will keep on going and trying. It’s so hard and yet I see skinny people, or healthy people not on medication and not dealing with my health issues eat a takeaway or a whole pizza and not gain weight.  If there was a company that offers healthy and high protein meals, soups and shakes this would be the perfect option to help my journey. Many people struggle with portion control and inspiration for healthy snacks, so this could be extremely useful to look into.

My focus needs to be on me and my progress.

My measuring stick is not going to be others and how well they do but it will be me and how well I do against the stresses, health issues and daily issues I face.

So I didn’t go to Weight Watchers as my husband has been away and I wasn’t well enough to travel but I am going to keep trying, keep on doing this and try and lose when I can.

It’s not an easy thing and I guess I am feeling less motivated but I will not chuck in the towel. I will keep up the fight and see how I go next week.

Angela x


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