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Stripping Back The Blog

Over the past few weeks I have been seriously considering where I want to be in a few years when it comes to blogging. I’ve taken many twists and turns over the past two and a half years and I really am discovering what I want to write about and who I want to be.

stripping back the blog

I’ve devised a new content plan for the blog and it incorporates everything I want the blog to be. It’s kind of exciting updating and refreshing my outlook and I am simply stripping back to how I used to be. My blog is still going to have the same content but balanced out differently. I’m quite excited. It’s all about balance and this is my goal!

So here is my new plan.

On Mondays, I will be sharing parenting based content. These will be my monthly Linky KLTR, Kids Love To Read which I host with the lovely Laura Summers from Laura’s Lovely Blog. I’ll also be sharing fantastic ideas for parenting, from craft ideas to recipes, to my thoughts on the subject of being a Mum.

My Monday posts are planned out (not written) until August 2018 and that is crazy but great! I know I will have some pillar content which will be great to share with my readers and this will be fantastic for Pinterest and my social media accounts.

The exciting part, which I’m looking forward to is Tuesdays. I am going more regularly write my Inspiration Edits hopefully every Tuesday. Inspiration Edits are my thoughts and views on important issues, from health to abuse and I plan to continue speaking out. I’m going to be be and not worry what anyone thinks. I will include fun quotes and thoughts on life and I look forward to writing one of these thought style posts each week.

Wednesdays has always been and will continue to be a Kids Fun post day based on my family and our lifestyle. It could be a new review or something we do as a family and I am happy to be doing these posts as they are always fun to write. I love reviewing products and having fun with Sylvia.

Thursdays is exciting. I am going to dedicate Thursdays to home, interiors and style posts. We have been doing small home improvements this year and I want to document and share our progress as well as continue to share ideas for new trends and home interior styles. I want to focus on this once a week and am so happy that I’ve decided to do more of these posts.

Fridays will be Sylvia’s Style. It was difficult to write style posts in the winter. I found it more hard. We didn’t buy so many clothes and indoor photos are not something I am as good at. I have time to practice and want to do more style posts every Friday. I can’t wait to collaborate with some fantastic brands this year and am revamping the Instagram feed.

Saturdays is going to be the best. A weekly summary of what we have been doing as a family. It’s going to be a fun post about our lifestyle and I can’t wait to get writing these posts again.

Sunday will be our portrait project photos. However rather than sharing just a photo or image I will be speaking about anything I fancy that is relevant to our life and adding substance to the posts.

So this is the new and updated plan. Blogging is an evolution, you grow and takes twists and turns and I really want to strip back the blog and make it about life, our life and our lifestyle with the sprinkle of fab ideas. I’m excited and hope you are too!

I may even shift over from Tots to the Hibs Home Interior and lifestyle next year! We shall see how things go.

Angela x