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Our Story In The Daily Mail

Daily Mail

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Well, I was about to go to bed when I had a message telling me that my daughter and I are in the Daily Mail.

I have to admit I wasn’t quite expecting the story to be shared tonight at this exact moment but I’m glad people can read the truth, that I was falsely accused of spending time in a mental hospital when I had not and that Sylvia and I were unjustly separated for over eight months.


I was labelled delusional and had many false and exaggerated stories “created” to make me sound like a crazy mother. It took 8 months in court and then years (during the investigation stages) to disprove the things which were inaccurately recorded against me but I fought hard and eventually had over 80 complaints upheld.

What happened to us had an enormous effect on my child and nothing can bring back the hours and days we lost. Nothing can take away the emotional pain Sylvia and I have suffered. The Christmas I spent on my own, the Mother’s day when I cried not knowing whether or not my child was going to be adopted, missing her birthday and other momentous occasions.

That time was taken from us by a social worker who knowingly exaggerated and created stories to make me appear mentally unwell. Thank goodness I had the strength to fight and disprove the many false accusations. No Mother or child should ever have to go through that.

My daughter and I live with the emotional effects of being separated from one another and I live with the the physical effects of Adrenal Insufficiency a life threatening Illness.

We have picked up the pieces the best we can and moved on. We are happy now but I am not well and have a new battle on my hands getting the right treatment for my medical condition. I’ll keep fighting to get my adrenal health managed and do my best but one thing is for sure. I’m a great mother and my daughter did not need to be separated from me and wont ever be again!

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