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This week I was sent a Stellar Bluetooth Diet Scale. This was perfect timing, as I am wanting to more accurately measure my portion sizes and with Christmas and New Years coming up we are going to be doing more baking, weighing and measuring as a family.

The Stellar Diet Scale is fantastic because it has a bluetooth capacity which enables you to measure and transfer nutritional information from your scales to your smartphone. This is great for someone wanting to measure portions, record nutritional information or for someone that is following a diet plan such as Weight Watchers. 

The scales are simple to use. You will need to add two AAA 1.5v batteries to the bottom side of the scales and connect the scales to your Android or iphone device. The scales connect via Bluetooth to the “Modern Chef” app which can be used to measure and track nutrition. 

Of course being a fan that loves making and fun food ideas, the scales can also be used for everyday measuring and Sylvia was quick to test out the scales when she began baking shortbread this week. 

Items can be measured directly on the scales or you can add a bowl and then turn the scales on, to ensure the container is not weighed. 

The Stellar Diet Scales are really handy for measuring and simple and easy to use. Sylvia was able to work the scales on her own and they are going to come in very handy for both me and my daughter in the coming weeks. 

I’m pleased we now have some scales as we have recently been limited to measuring in cups and it’s not always as accurate. 

I hope I can start measuring out my protein much better now I have these scales and I also plan to measure my cereal too in the mornings. 

I’m pleased to have these Stellar Scales. They will come in handy for Sylvia too as she bakes. 

Stellar is a good brand and we do have other Stellar Kitchen items in the home which have always lasted. From experience it’s a good quality brand. 


*Gifted item- all opinions are my own*