Staying Safe and Staying Stylish

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Staying Safe and Staying Stylish

The number of people who have invisible medical conditions can be really surprising, as is the sheer number of conditions they are potentially suffering from. Asthma, heart problems and diabetes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conditions that, if go unchecked or untreated can lead to real problems for the individual concerned. In my case, I have Adrenal Insufficiency a life threatening condition and I can require emergency hydrocortisone at a moments notice to prevent Adrenal crisis which leads to death. In the case of an emergency, letting medical professionals know about such conditions is crucial and so here we look at some of the ways this can be achieved.

SOS Jewellery

SOS jewellery is one simple solution when it comes to staying safe and staying stylish. There is a wide range of SOS jewellery including bracelets, pendant necklaces and rings. Each piece is designed to open up so that medical notes can be put inside for if an emergency should occur.

Emergency services around the world are trained to recognise SOS jewellery, which is water tight and the information inside is stored on a non-soluble strip.

Wearable Technology

Relatively new to the marketplace is wearable technology that has been designed to be used in the event of an emergency. The technology, a digital ring for example, has a button built into it and when that button is activated the ring sends out a message to a defined group, letting them know that the wearer is in trouble. Information can then be relayed regarding the nature of the medical condition they have and their location.

The technology comes in a range of types and styles that look fantastic and provide a potentially lifesaving service. They can also be used to protect the wearer from criminal activity as they can be programmed to alert the police.

Medical Tattoos

Another, somewhat novel, way to inform people about a medical condition is to have the information tattooed on your body. Whether the information is in the form of a simple block of text or it is incorporated into a more elaborate design is, of course, the decision of the person having the tattoo done. While a medical tattoo may not be for everyone, it is an extremely effective way to ensure that the information is always at hand (or arm or leg), as it can’t be lost, stolen or left at home.

With so many different ways to stay safe and stay stylish those with medical conditions and their loved ones need simply to choose a method of protection and then rest assured.

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