Start Your Miles of Love on Fat Tire Electric Bike This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and you have a great chance to strengthen your love bond with a perfect gift. Flowers and candies are good, but this time, give your significant other something that leaves a lasting impression this time. Himiway fat tire electric bike offers the best way to profess your love for the special person in your life. 

Whether you want to introduce them to cycling or upgrade their lifestyle, Himiway electric bicycles have every feature that labels it a perfect valentine’s day gift. Plus, you do not have to break the bank to please your partner, as Himiway fat tire e bikes are very affordable. All you have to do is browse through the Himiway collection and choose the one that perfectly suits your partner’s taste. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Himiway E-bikes & Features

Every happy moment that you spend with your partner solidifies your relationship, and what’s better than cruising around the town with your loved ones? Here are some of the features of Himiway fat tire electric bikes that will help make your decision for you. 

Efficient All-terrain Ride

E-biking is a new craze for people as everyone wants a convenient and smart way to commute. Whether you want to make a trip to mountains, beaches, snow, or just roam around in your neighborhood, a Himiway all-terrain fat e-bike will trudge through every landscape. 

Long Range

You will never have to worry about flat batteries as Himiway uses high-class Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Batteries with a longer life expectancy and exceptional performance. In most Himiway electric mopeds, the single range can cross 60 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 35 miles on pure electric power mode. Himiway Zebra can exceed 80 miles on a single charge. 

Multiple Cycling Options

Moreover, you are provided with three cycling options, all Himiway electric bicycles. If you are in the mood to exercise together, turn on the pedal riding mood. However, if you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, turn on pure electric or assisted-cycling mode. 

Longer Life Expectancy

The inner ring of the motor is proficient in high-temperature resistance, better heat dissipation, and reduced attenuation speed of motor magnets. All these features ensure a longer life expectancy and a smooth trip on rugged patterns. If your partner likes hunting or is a mountain lover, Himiway Zebra, with an estimated range of 80 Miles per charge, is one of the best mountain bike gifts. 

Safe & Comfortable Ride

Himiway long range electric bike has a comfortable back seat with an option to adjust it as per your comfort. If you have planned a night out, you and your partner need not fret as the fat tire electric bike has a 48W LED headlight, making night cycling interesting and secure. 

Sleek Design

Himiway electric mopeds have a sturdy design with shock absorption wheels. The strong aluminum frame and two 26”x 4’ fat tires of Himiway Cruiser will serve the diverse needs of your partner. 

This amazing fat tire electric bike will be delivered straight to you without any shipping charges. Himiway Cruiser has a two years warranty to cover you for manufacturer’s defects. 

Tips to Choose a suitable e-bike?

When you search for the best electric bike, you come across various sizes, styles, and prices. The whole process looks quite intimidating, just like buying a car. 

Here are some tips for choosing the best electric bicycle this valentine’s day.

Consider your needs:

If you have decided to surprise your partner with an electric mountain bike, consider your partner’s needs first. If your partner is a daily commuter, then your choice of e-bike should have features like integrated lights. Conversely, if you and your partner are fond of hunting or are off-road enthusiasts, a highly durable e-bike such as Himiway Zebra will serve your needs. 

This all-terrain e-bike is built to help you conquer your toughest ventures yet. Therefore, assessing your needs before deciding will go a long way in pleasing your loved one on valentine’s day. 

Check Motor Location:

The position of your electric motor is also an important consideration. Motors mounted on the front wheel demand less maintenance and an easy installation. 

The battery installed in the middle offers stable mounting directly on the frame but it has indirect power transmission. Conversely, the motor attached to the rear wheel supplies direct power transmission but demands high maintenance and more effort to install or remove the battery.

Check Battery & Riding Range:

Battery and mileage range are important parameters to consider when choosing your bike. Long range electric bikes have large batteries and less powerful motors to sustain long trips. However, this type of electric mountain bike is not capable of cruising steep hills. 

That’s why the Himiway Cruiser is equipped with a 750W high-performance motor for catering to challenging cycling circumstances. Lithium is the preferred choice for e-bike battery material as it offers excellent quality and demands less maintenance.

Check Display & Accessories:

The bike you are eyeballing must have an LED display, a USB charging port, and front/rear lights. Moreover, you should prefer fat tires as they can absorb slight bumps and ensure a comfortable ride. Your e-bike should also have great accessories, such as a helmet with a rear LED light, Bluetooth speakers, a rear rack, and the like. 

If you keep these essentials in mind, you will surely get the right model for your partner.

How to Gift Wrap an electric bike for Valentine’s day?

Now that you have selected the best model for your partner, wrapping such a giant gift is really troublesome. Hiding the bike in the backyard or garage and bringing it on the big day can create  a heart-pounding excitement. If your fat tire e bike is not assembled, wrap the box with floral wrapping paper, attach a romantic card, and present it to your partner. 

Conversely, if your bike is assembled, there are some ideas you can opt for this valentine’s day. For instance, wrap only the keys instead of packing the whole bike. You can also purchase a bicycle gift bag and slide your gift into the bag. Alternatively, the easiest option is to accessorize the electric moped with a red bow and present it to the intended recipient. 

Valentine’s Day Sales:

Valentine’s day is an occasion to share love and joy. You don’t have to upset your budget with costly options as Himiway electric mountain bikes have exceptionally low prices, starting from just £1,699. Not only this, the current valentine’s day sale is a sight for sore eyes. You can get up to £400 for 2 ebikes during 4th-18th this month. With these fat tire electric bikes for sale, you will surely find one that will spruce up your partner’s lifestyle without putting a dent in your pocket.


This valentine’s day deserves something extraordinary for the special person in your life. The high-performance Himiway fat tire electric bike is surely an unbeatable gift to wow them. With a sturdy frame, high-performance battery, powerful acceleration, and amazing add-ons, these long-range electric mopeds are your partner’s best valentine’s gift. Plus, these amazing electric mountain bikes have incredibly low prices. So, don’t wait any longer; surprise your partner with such an amazing present this valentine’s day!

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