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A Star Wars Party With Disney Store

star wars party

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Yesterday was my brothers 24th birthday and we had a fantastic Star Wars Party. My brother James is special needs. He has a chromosone deletion which has given him global developmental delay since birth. Although my brother is officially an adult, he’s more like a little child and he get’s super excited on special occasions such as his birthday.

In fact this year James came to Sylvia’s Disney Moana Themed Party and ever since all he has talked about is having a Disney Party of his own. So yesterday we teamed up with Disney Stores to celebrate James birthday in true Disney style.

star wars party

James is a fan of Star Wars and so he was super excited to learn that the products for his birthday were for a Star Wars Party. James excitedly sang the Star Wars theme all afternoon and could not wait to set up the table ready for the celebrations.

We received some fantastic Star Wars themed party items from The Disney Store. My brother was so excited and really enjoyed helping set up his party table.

We were sent a fabulous Stormtrooper themed tablecloth, napkins, plates, starwars party bags, thankyou cards and some awesome star wars themed drinking straws.

The most exciting Star Wars item for James had to be the Star Wars cake stand, cupcake wrappers and cake toppers. James really enjoyed building the cake stand. It was really easy to construct and is made with such great quality that we will be able to store it and use it again.

We had fun decorating the cupcakes with cake toppers and putting them on the star wars stand.

Another awesome product we used was a happy birthday banner. This was super cool and my brother really liked this. All the Disney Store products were great quality. We had fantastic party bags and some of the items are totally reusable… which made my hubby excited as we can do a star wars theme for his birthday too.

The new Disney Party site at The Disney Store is a one-stop destination where parents can be inspired, plan their party and purchase the best selection of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars products. We love the products we received and they helped make a fabulous and very special celebration.

Thankyou Disney Store. You made my brothers day.

Angela x

*We we were sent products from the Disney Store for the purpose of this review.


  1. Looks like the perfect party for a Star Wars fan. I have all girly girls so we have not got into Star Wars. I really like the cupcakes and the bags!

    1. thanks. I like those too. They are cool! Luckily Disney stores do all sorts of party items for girls and boys. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sharon. He is still excited a few days later and still singing happy birthday to himself. SHame he has to wait a whole new year for the next one.

  2. What a fantastic party you and the Disney Store gave your brother James. What a wonderful family you are! A huge happy Birthday to James. 🙂

  3. Have always been dreaming of a themed birthday party like this but my wish never comes true :(( It’s a pity we don’t have this kind of store in my country :(( Anyway tell your brother I say happy birthday and wish him an amazing new age!

  4. Happy 24th birthday to your brother. The Star Wars theme is something that a friend of mine would so love for his birthday. It is awesome that the Disney Store now has a party site now. I will have to share this information with a couple of people. Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Super awesome! We love Star Wars here too and honestly surprised my boys haven’t asked for a Star Wars party yet!

  6. Some of my friends are Star Wars addicts. I’m quite sure they’d have the same level of fun as the kids attending haha

  7. My brothers birthday is coming up and he is a huge star wars fan !! I will deff have to take some of your ideas ik he will love it !!

  8. I hope he had an amazing birthday. I didn’t realize you could even get decorations like those from the disney store that is pretty awesome. A disney themed party is always a fun idea.

  9. Happy 24th for sure. It’s hard to believe all of the different Disney things they have for Star Wars. But I should have known better. I just didn’t realize how much you could pick up from the Disney store. This is so cool

    1. With my husband and brother being Star Wars mad, it always proves to be fun when they meet up every so often. We had a fun time for my brothers birthday. He loved it.


  10. Thank you Rebecca. I hope you manage to have a Star Wars party just as awesome as for your friend, as it was for my brother.


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