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Staircase Hacking Ideas Storage Solutions

storage solutions

Staircase Hacking Ideas Storage Solutions

Last year we made the move from Yorkshire to Coppull, near Chorley Lancashire. We had quite a lot of work to do to prepare the home, including fitting laminate flooring, carpets and curtains.

My husband John fitted the carpet on our new stairs. The stairs are not straight, they are all higildy pigildy with two half landings. I would have loved to hack the stairs however I was really unwell at the time (I still am). This didn’t stop me researching ideas that we may be able to use in the future.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some fantastic ideas to hack the family staircase. Do enjoy!

1. Shoe Storage stair1

 This is a great solution for family’s like mine who’s shoes are dumped in box next to the door. Not only does it hide them from sight and declutter, the shoes will probably last longer if their not dumped into a box on top of one another.

2. The Bookcase


John my husband and i have loads of books. His are mainly fiction, Sci-fi and Religious books, whereas my books are DIY, How to books, psychology, health, parenting and education. If your anything like us this bookshelf hack is a great idea!

3. The Daybed/Reading Nook

Understairs Seating

The Daybed or Reading nook is yet another great idea. Having chronic fatigue amongst other illnesses means I spend a lot of time in bed. (Hence the name of my blog this would be the ideal solution to enable me to rest downstairs amongst the family without placing a huge bed in our “not big enough” lounge.

4. Kids Blackboard

stairs 1

I love the children’s blackboard. In fact my friend Esther from did the same in her home and the kiddy winkles love it! It really is a cool idea!

5. The Wendy House

stairs 5

Well this is a great idea for the children to play in. My daughter Sylvia would love this. She is always looking for places to hide and wanting to create her own secret dens. It would probably be a great place to keep a few toy boxes as well.

6. The Dog House

stairs 7

As a family with a Dog (have you met Yoda our Puppy?) this is a great staircase hack. A place for the Dog to sleep. It’s genius!

7. Laundry Organiser


If your like us and you don’t have a laundry room, this could be a fantastic solution. You could even have one basket per family member and ask each of them to put their own laundry away. Ha ha! However if your partner or kids are anything like John (my hubby)..this might end up being a second drawer!

8. The Toilet


I’ve heard of an upstairs bathroom and a downstairs bathroom but never a “in-the-stairs bathroom”. This is a fantastic idea if you need a toilet on both levels. Great for elderly guests who may not be able to climb the stairs or someone like me who is continuously unwell and forced to stay upstairs a lot so I can physically get to the bathroom when I’m dizzy and my legs are like jelly.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my blog post. This whole blogging malarky is beginning to be fun, now that Im writing about the things I’m interested in and passionate about. Please do leave a comment.

Here's some fantastic ideas to hack the family staircase

Which of these ideas do you like best I’d love to know?

Angela xx






    1. For sure! The faster you can get to the loo the less accidents! When Sylvia started toilet training I bought a sea-through toilet seat with fish on it! She loved it and we never had a problem after that! I think I was a lucky mum…or maybe with all the experience I had (training other kids) as a early years/childcare teacher…it was working with just one child.


  1. Oh such great ideas! We currently have a very old understairs cupboard (so old the plaster on one of the falls is falling away) and I’m hoping when we eventually get round to big ground floor building works it will be included. Now I have these great suggestions for alternative uses! Probably the downstairs toilet is most practical for our needs but I love them all #bigfatlinky

    1. Thanks for comment! I think the toilet is by farr the most popular in practicality terms….especially for mummy bloggers who have little one’s in toilet training… or um….husband’s that take so need a second toilet! lol Angela xx

  2. Not going to lie I read this and went wow! Absolutely love these ideas!! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there next week

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