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Last week Sylvia and her dad John went shopping at Affinity Lancashire near Fleetwood. We live a good hour away from the shopping outlet and therefore we don’t really go there very often. 

However Affinity Lancashire is a great place to shop and find outlet price clothing and so John and Sylvia went to use a gift voucher which I had left over from Christmas that needed to be used. 


Finding a Spring Dress For My Tween

John and Sylvia went looking for a men’s suit for John and a spring dress for Sylvia. Sylvia has had so many growth spurts she is actually no longer able to fit kids clothing. 

We now have to find women’s xtra small sizes. I know at Primark Sylvia fits the women’s XS size well and so I told John to look at in the Women’s sections of stores with Sylvia until they found the right dress.

A Spring Dress From Klass

Sylvia found a dress she loves in the Women’s store Klass. It was an outlet store so there was a discount on the dress and it has plenty of room for growth. 

I was really pleased that Sylvia now has a new dress that actually fits. She has outgrown everything! In fact this week she went to the movie in her PJ bottoms because she literally has no trousers that fit.

She suddenly grew and had nothing to wear. We will be popping to Asda and Primark in the coming days to find some new leggings her size! 

Although this new dress is a Women’s dress. It is super pretty and my daughter loves it and that is what matters when it comes to fashion. Feeling good and loving the outfits and clothing you like. 

What do you think? I love the floral pattern and the material. There is plenty of room for growth and that’s great at the age and stage Sylvia is at. 


*We purchased this dress with our own voucher, this is not a brand review or paid post*