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Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten The Home

Decorating your home for warmer weather or a new season doesn’t need to cost you an arm and leg! You’d be surprised what you can make at home or purchase for a fraction of the price in a catalog. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can still embrace all Spring has to offer. Here are some fantastic Spring decor ideas for the home. 


Spring Decor Ideas

Succulent Plants
Succulent Plants are great for those that aren’t great about growing regular plants but they come in a ton of different colours and can be incorporated into just about any home decor. To add some vintage or country chic look you can place these in old tin buckets or small wood crates.



You can add a splash of Spring colour and flowers to your regular couch pillows with a simple change of pillowcases. What’s great about these square throw pillowcases is if they get stained or start to smell you can simply throw them in the wash instead of the whole pillow.

spring decor cushion

Wall Clocks
Gold sometimes brings in that brightness when the spring morning sun hits it and there’s a beautiful Arabic Metallic Barley Clock that we have that looks perfect in a Spring Country Chic decor room. (While not a big wall clock this Portobello Hare Clock is another one of our favourites) You can design a room around a clock and make it the main focus. (Make the Arabic Metallic Barley Clock a centrepiece and use golds and lighter colours) In fact we have the gorgeous Thomas Kent clock in the lounge at it looks just stunning.


Mason Jar Lighting
You can get mason jars from your local big box store and make them into creative lights or save yourself time and grab these beautiful mason jar string lights that will light up any outdoor porch. If you’re opting for the make your own lights you can use tea light candles to offer a small glimmer of light.



Vintage Wire Baskets
Baskets for storage are perfect and if you’ve needed to switch it out to a more open feel for Spring you can get adorable wire baskets to store rolled up blankets, magazines, and more in them. Wire baskets allow for the cool air to come in and go out without the staleness of all that winter air that’s be stuck in the house.

spring decor wire basket

White Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors are a great filler for walls that you may need a little colour and while you might say “but it’s a white border mirror” the white will make all the other colours pop around it. Pair it on the opposite wall of the wall clock for a great feature. You can also “age” a mirror by taking sandpaper and scratching at the corners and along the sides here and there.

I hope you enjoy my list of ideas and that this gives you some inspiration for the coming weeks and months. Don’t forget to check out my other Spring Decor Inspiration Board with plenty more ideas.

Angela x

*I was sent a sample clock and have included it in this blog post