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I recently saw an article talking about only giving your child four gifts at Christmas. In a nutshell the writer said it’s best to give your child four Christmas presents in order to make the presents more thoughtful and meaningful and to help your child to appreciate things better.

Although it is important to teach children to be grateful and to give meaningful gifts, that’s not what I will be doing this year!

In fact I am planning to spoil my daughter rotten this Christmas and I’ll tell you why!

My daughter is my only child. For so long I’ve dreamed of having more children, either through pregnancy or adoption, however the reality is it’s not going to happen.

I’m not well right now and I’ve accepted that if Sylvia is going to miss out on siblings then she can get the benefits of being an only child and that includes lovely gifts at Christmas.

Although my daughter will get some lovely items, I am a frugal mum and not everything will be brand new or purchased with savings.

Most of Sylvias gifts in her Santa sack and under the tree will be items I have worked hard for by collaborating with brands and pitching to PR companies. One or two I have saved for including a musical keyboard. 

I have not gone out and spent hundreds of pounds on items but the really nice things Sylvia receives this year will have come through hard work on my part.

I’ve worked hard and so has my daughter. She spends a lot of time posing for photos and helping with blog work along with housework and I really think she deserves the gifts she will receive.

Yes Sylvia is going to have an amazing Christmas at home playing with new toys and gifts but at the same time it won’t be easy.

She won’t have siblings to play with or share her excitement with. She won’t even have cousins or family members around.

We are staying home this year due to my illness and so it will be great to have plenty of nice new things to keep her busy and entertained.

Whilst I plan to gift my daughter some lovely treats, it won’t stop me teaching her the importance of giving! I have been working hard collecting items all year that I can gift to others.

We have wrapped gifts for children in need, for those less fortunate and Sylvia has chosen items to share and give to others which she could have kept for herself.

We are also doing a food bank, baking and doing secret pixie gifts. We are taking part in the #LightTheWorld project and trying to do a good deed each day. 

Whilst Sylvia will have lovely gifts, I will also teach her to give and think of others. That’s what Christmas is about, giving to and serving others.

So whilst she will get spoilt on Christmas day, I don’t think it makes me a bad parent. I don’t think it will make my child into a spoilt brat. It will be a special Christmas and one we will look back on with fondness. 

The most important thing I can give my child this year is time and I’ll be doing my best to give her time along with some lovely gifts under the tree and that’s what I will be doing. 

If I had 6 kids like my sister then maybe 4 gifts each would be all I could give but as I’m a mother of one, I’ll do things my way and not be guilt tripped by the “you should”, and “Mummy guilt tripping” I am seeing on social media at the moment.