Speaking Out Against Abuse

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Speaking Out Against Abuse

Welcome to The Inspiration Edit. I write this blog as a way of documenting my family life. I also want to share fabulous ideas and more importantly speak out against issues which I feel strongly about.

One Issue I want to speak out about is ABUSE 

I have experienced abuse at different stages of my life. It’s taken a long time to overcome this and now I want to share experiences, tools and techniques to recognise the signs of abuse. This could very well help others finding themselves in a similar position to what I was once in. I have reclaimed my life and now I’m ready to share my experiences and the knowledge I’ve learnt.


I hope you find this blog series useful and the content may benefit and help you grow after what may have been a difficult time. Everyone has the ability to heal from the nasties in life and become stronger for it. May you take the bad and use it for good, grow in self-worth, heal and learn to love thyself.

I originally wrote this blog series as a book a few years back called “Learning to Recognise the Signs of Abuse“. It’s something I never published. I was not ready. Now I am.

I know this will be helpful to so many and decided to share my writing here on the blog in the hope it helps, inspires and provides a tool kit so you too can leave or help someone else to overcome an abusive relationship.

Angela x

Not All Sharks Bite: Learning To Recognise The Signs Of Abuse 


Welcome to Not all Sharks Bite


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  1. What a wonderful post. I’m so glad you talked about what unhealthy relationships are. A lot of times people in bad relationships are so accustomed to it .. that they think it’s normal. They have a hard time imagining a different way of life.

  2. What an inspirational post and well done for speaking out about it. This is something that needs more awareness raised.

  3. I was in an abusive relationship ad it’s a very difficult thing to go through. I’m glad that I got out of that relationship as soon as I had an open window.

    1. That’s good to hear. It’s sad how many people do suffer in these types of relationships and I wish everyone can have the strength to leave when it is serious enough that they need to.

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