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Sick of having to cram all of your stuff into a cluttered bathroom like it was a sardine can? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, bathrooms are often one of the most cluttered and high use space in the home.

Of course, this is a recipe for disaster when you have all the family using it, and combine that with the damp atmosphere and you can really run into some trouble.

Luckily, there are ways that you can make your bathroom more spacious, even if you are working with a tiny room, to begin with. Read on to find out what they are.

Use light colours and white

The first method to increase the sense of spaciousness in your bathroom is to choose the colours and lighting carefully.

Remember that rooms decorated using dark tones will always seem smaller and cosier, so you will be going for the opposite here.

In fact, using all white fixtures and fittings can help the space seem much larger than it actually is.

You can then combine this with white paint or tiles on the wall as well. Although, a cool bright colour such as aqua green can work well too, and will allow you to inject a little personality into the space as well.

Regarding lighting, you will want as close to daylight as possible.

That means frosted, patterned glass at the windows or LED lights that mimic this.

Don’t be scared to add up-lighters under mirrors either, as these can make a room seem much larger than it actually is.

Large scale patterns and tiles

Following on from the advice about colour you also need to be careful about the designs and style of tiles and patterns you choose in a small bathroom space.

This is because small patterns can look busy and only reinforce the lack of space, whereas larger tiles, and designs help to create a much more spacious illusion.

In fact, the easiest way of achieving this, that not too expensive either is to use large black and white tiles on the floor.

Something that is not only practical but can help to make the space you have look a lot larger as well.

Wall mounted / floating units

Next, when it comes to creating space in the bathroom, it’s a smart idea to use floating or wall mounted fixtures and units. Happily, you can get all sort of storage from companies like Drench that can be fixed to the wall and that don’t reach all the way down to the floor.

Something that can help to create more of a sense of space within a small room.

It’s also possible to wall mount shelves for all those toiletry items that you need in this room but take up valuable space.

Of course, be sure to float them, for a modern and space maximising finish, and don’t be afraid to use things like towels and even bottles decoratively if you don’t have room to store them in a cupboard.

Some example of which you will find in the video below.

Wet room

Another option to consider and one that is particularly good for anyone experiencing accessibility issues is to do away with the traditional style bathroom and go for a wet room instead.

A wet room is where the entire space is tiled to allow for it to get wet.

There will also be a drain installed in the floor to allow running water to exit, and many people even build theirs with seats to make their daily ablutions easier.

The main benefits of such a place are that not only is it much easier to access and maximise all of the space on offer, but they can be more straightforward to keep clean as well.

Something that anyone not fond of cleaning the bathroom is sure to appreciate!

Low profile toilets

Similarly to the floating cabinets that are on the market are the low profile showers and toilet that are now available too.

The idea behind these is that anything that is not immediately necessary such as the water tanks are hidden within the wall of your bathroom, therefore maximising the amount of space available.

There is a range of designs available for these types of fixtures as well, so you are bound to find one that suits the design scheme of your bathroom too.

Skip the bath

For many people, a bathroom is an absolute essential in the smallest room in the house.

They love nothing better than to slip into a warm tub overflowing with bubbles at the end of a hard day.

However, if space is truly a concern in your bathroom design you may be better off skipping the bath entirely if you can bear to, that is.

Could you bear to part with your bath?

In fact, by removing the bath, you will free up a lot of space and can easily create a more pleasant room. You just have to weigh up the benefits versus the cons in this case, and whether you can genuinely go without a bath for the foreseeable futures.

The other option, of course, is to invest in a space-saving bath which are usually about ¾ of the length of a traditional model.

These can be fitted into smaller spaces, and not infringe upon the floor plan as much as a standard bath would. Something that makes then a great compromise when it comes to both usability and space.

Expand the mirror

An interior design trick for small space that works particularly well in a bathroom is placement and size of mirrors. This is because mirrors reflect light and also make a room seem double the size it actually is if you put them in the right place.

Therefore, even if you are working with a closet-sized bathroom, installing a long or wide mirror can really open the space up and make it seem much roomier than it actually is.

Although, one word of warning here! It may be worth investing in a non-fogging or no streaking mirror to ensure you get the benefit, even while the bathroom is in use.

You also won’t end up spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning and polishing the mirror either, something that can be a real pain, even if does seemingly enlarge the room.

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