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Space Saving Hacks For Busy Mums

space storing hacks


Clutter elevates stress levels. Scientific studies have confirmed this fact and that means for busy mums all over the country, dealing with clutter means having adequate storage which is sure to reduce the stress of day to day life.

But busy with work, social activities and being the Mum taxi from one party to another can leave you with little time to deal with this clutter. And that means you need some space saving hacks up your sleeve to deal with clutter.

space storing hacks

*This is a Collaborative Post

Here we have 10 great ideas for space saving.

Decluttering is GOOD!

For many people, decluttering, having a good sort out, creating heaps of stuff for recycling or the local charity shop is not so much a cathartic experience, but a painful one. Letting go of stuff means letting go of memories for some people.

Unfortunately, for some households, this means hanging on to stuff that they really don’t need any more. So, start you space saving hacks with feeling good and positive about decluttering.

One Step at a Time

The problem with decluttering is that we often take on too much decluttering at one time. Unless you have empty days stretching ahead of you, a skip on the drive and plenty of recycling bags, the likelihood of tackling the project successfully in one go is remote.

Start with one room, one area, one space first – declutter that and work out from there.

A Scheduled Task

Decluttering should not be a one-off task or a task that is just left to Mum! Keeping an area or room clutter free should be part of the household calendar of chores.

Create bespoke Storage for Each Person

In every family home, there are areas that we all frequent. There are times of the day that some of these areas are busier than others.

If family members have their own bespoke storage solutions, then it is their responsibility to store their stuff away. It is also a great way of creating solutions that actually work in your home because you have designed and created them.

From glass shelving in the bathroom to clever under-the-stairs storage, there is bound to be something that works for you and your family.

Stop Buying Stuff

A simple space saving hack in the home is to ask yourself when you are about to make a purchase is whether you have a need for it or not.

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

Stop the ‘Just in Case’ Pile…

There are times, we know, that the thing you have hidden away in the back of the messy kitchen drawer comes into its own but really, how often has that happened?

A great space saving hack is not to have an enormous ‘just in case’ pile or drawer. The likelihood of your needing something from it is less likely than you think.

Make the Bathroom a Haven

After a busy day at work, followed by a family meal, play time with the kids and bath time, the small amount of time you have between then and your bed time should be spent doing something relaxing.

A long soak in the bath before you fall into bed is a great way to unwind but your bathroom is not an inviting place if there are shampoo bottles, bottles of conditioners, hair dye and kid’s toys all over the place.

If there is one piece of advice you take from this post, it is to declutter the bathroom – but don’t stop there. Invest in some pretty plastic or wicker storage baskets and hardly-need to clean glass shelving and make your bathroom a haven of peace, calm and tranquillity.

Nothing on the Floor

Have you noticed how some areas of your home always seems to have stuff piled in it? When this mountain is moved, the space is actually quite large and certainly, more functional and practical.

But once things are on the floor, it attracts other things. And as soon as you have things on the floor, it closes down the space too.

This is your new rule – NOTHING on the floor!

Assign a Place for Everything

A great space saving hack in any busy house is to have a place for everything. Coats on hooks, boots in the boot box and so on.

Creative Storage Solutions

Be as creative as you like in creating these storage solutions and don’t forget that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.
Balustrade Components have been creating simple, but creative storage solutions for busy household all across the UK for some time. With minimal components and fixings, the simplest of shelves and storage solutions can look simply stunning.

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