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The South Bank Food Market

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Last week I visited the South Bank Food Market in London. I must admit, it’s not somewhere I have been before but there were some incredible food stalls and I felt they were worthy of a blog post.

There were many different cultural food stalls from British food to Italian, Turkish and Ethiopian. There was so much to choose from that I found it hard to decide what to eat.

There were mild curries and spicy curries and although I did not buy any, I was given a sample to taste and it was delicious.

I am a fan of sweet potato so the sweet potato curry was really nice.

The South Bank food market had lots of sweet treats from Italian Gelato Ice Cream to Chocolate crepes and waffles.

The Creperie Nicolas was a french inspired pancake stand and there were tons of options including Nutella pancakes which my daughter would have loved.

I loved the Bruschetta stall. The food here was amazing. I had to buy a Mozzarella Prosciutto Rocket as it just looked so super tasty.

I really enjoyed the food and it was really nice. There was so much to see and whilst I could not buy everything I did sample a few items and everything tasted great.

I am a huge Tomato fan so I really could not pass up the Italian stall without taking lots of photos.

I think the Galeta stall had the most amazing looking treats. I had never heard of Portuguese Egg Custards before but now I am quite well educated in them after having a good chat with the stall owner.

There were some amazing cookies. These were absolutely huge and I have never seen cookies this big before.

I also discovered Cronuts which happen to be a new “Food tend” and a mix between a croissant and a Donut.

I purchase a slice of Rocky road which literally took me two days to eat a little at a time. It was really rich but also really nice.

Then there was an amazing cake stall selling all sorts of cake which just looked brilliant.

I’d love to one day try making a rainbow cake of my own. Maybe for Sylvia’s birthday next year or maybe I will stick to Asda if she wants another pug cake ha ha! The South Bank Food Market is a site to see and was such fun to visit.

Have you ever been there?

Angela x


  1. I love veggie curries so the sweet potato curry is something I would enjoy a lot! Outdoor food markets are always interesting to visit, and I’ve had some of the best tasting foods from them!

  2. Oh my gosh! The foodie in me would love to visit the South Bank Food Market. I would have to put places like this on my list of places to visit when I finally make it over there!

  3. I am drooling all over my phone! And despite the fact that I want to have everything pictured, as a Greek my first thought was : omg are those vine leaves dolmades?

    1. I think it depends where you are travelling from. It’s only £1.50 on the bus from Kings Cross, so next time your in London it is worth a visit.

  4. Oh wow! I would love to travel to London just to visit this incredible food market. Just look at those amazing food offerings – yum!

  5. Omg this place looks great and everything there looks delicious… I just feel like going there right away as I am craving for those foods 😊👍🏼

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