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Sour Grapes Are Not For Me

Have you ever heard the phrase Sour Grapes? Do you know what it means. Today I thought I’d chat a little about people who behave or have opinions which one would associate with having Sour Grapes and why those type of people are not for me.

A sour grape is something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and quite frankly is not something you want to eat over and over again.

When someone is having Sour Grapes, It means they are behaving in a way or being negative and bitter because they have not got or achieved something they wanted.

I’ll give an example, when my sister was getting married, another older and unmarried family member sulked and cried before the wedding because my sister was getting married before her.

That person needed to grow up but instead of being happy for my sister the choice was to be a sour puss, negative, jealous and bitter.

I sometimes came across “Sour grapes” personalities as a student at university and once again in the work place as a teacher.

In fact I’ve seen people give up on dreams and goals and choose to be negative when they have not got what they wanted immediately.

Keep Your Grapes To Yourself

As a blogger I’ve had many opportunities to set goals and aim high. Some goals I have smashed, others are a work in progress and some simply need more time.

I see others who are on a similar path to me. Some who have blogged for less time may have more Instagram followers, better page views and better paid opportunities.

I have a choice. I can be bitter and sour that someone reached their goals before me or I can be happy for my blogging friends and support them.

I honestly feel and know that when you support one another, you can help one another to grow and motivate each other along the way. A friend of mine recently reviewed a Sofa on her blog.

That is a goal I have for 2018. Was I jealous and bitter because of this opportunity? NO! I chose to be happy for my friend and cheer her along.

Choosing to be sour or choosing to be positive is a mind set and a choice. We all have the power within us to be a positive force for good and no one needs to be Mr or Miss negative.

Over the years I have come to realise that negative people and those with sour attitudes often drag you down. It’s true. When someone is constantly negative it can really put you off and eventually you’ll want to stay clear of that person.

A negative attitude can rub off on you if you let it and trust me those that metaphorically eat sour grapes always want to share them. People say “Misery loves company” and it’s true.

Surround yourself with miserable, sour people and it will be much harder to stay positive.

Surround yourself with upbeat, happy people, who stay positive through the good and bad and you’ll find life much easier to navigate especially when you have curve balls thrown your way or things don’t go as planned.

Sour Grapes and Health

I have chronic illness and to be honest it can be really hard at times. Some days I cannot do what I want to do. I cannot do the chores, I may have to miss an activity with my child, skip a social event and or just stay home feeling nauseous and unwell.

It can be pretty miserable at times. However I chose long ago that no matter how hard things became, I would stay positive and look for the silver linings.

I’m in several health groups on facebook and there are two types of people. Those who aim to overcome and achieve despite their illnesses and those who whinge, complain and repeatedly say “I can’t”.

I know it’s not easy but someone with health conditions has a choice. You can be positive through all the hardship illness throws your way or you can be bitter, miserable and eat Sour grapes.

I try super hard to always be positive. I look for the good in every situation, look for the lessons that can be learnt, focus on the positive, what I have achieved, not what I have not.

Some days are harder than others. It can be really hard for me when I’m invited to an event, such as a red carpet movie and I have to turn it down as I’m suffering from really low Iron or another condition and just could not make it.

It’s also hard when I think of what I could achieve if I was not unwell.

Rather than focus on the past, what I can no longer do and the things I don’t quite achieve, I try to focus on the small things, the steps I have made, the good things I give my child when I am well and the blessings in my life.

I choose not to be a Sour puss. I choose not to eat sour grapes. It’s not always the easiest choice but it is the best. That’s for sure.

Angela x