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Sleeping Beauty Pyjamas My Sunday Style

Hi and welcome to the last My Sunday Style post for January. I’ve really enjoying this new series and it is going really well.

You may notice we have a lot of Pyjama’s to feature here on the blog and that is because we were given tons of fabulous hand me downs which just happened to be such good quality and the perfect size for my daughter.

Sleeping Beauty Pyjamas My Sunday Style

I love to be frugal and reuse things and I plan to pass these on to a friend once Sylvia has outgrown them. She seems to have a growth spurt every few months and is seven but wearing size nine to ten now.

So we were excited to find this lovely Sleeping Beauty PJ set in our bag of second hand clothes. Sylvia was jumping up and down totally excited and we actually took all the pyjama photos in one day and I plan to spread them over the coming months. That is what you call blog batching! Getting a whole lot of work done in one go.

Sylvia loves this set of Pj’s. We are both big Disney fans and she also loves Aurora.

This PJ set is originally from Next and the long sleeves are great for winter time.

After our PJ photo shoot, Sylvia and I folded all the PJ’s she has and we counted enough to last two weeks.

So that means I don’t have to stress over getting the laundry done when I’m not well. There are plenty to last.

Are you enjoying reading our MySundayStyle posts? Is there anything you would like to see?

Soon I will be featuring some lovely dresses and warm winter jumpers.

Until next time..have a fashion friendly week.

Angela x

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