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Getting Enough Sleep Is Important


Getting Enough Sleep Is Important

We all know that sleep is important, but getting adequate rest is more complicated than setting your alarm and staying in bed for the recommended amount of time. Sleep quality is inhibited by myriad factors at home. Though some are beyond our control, such as depression and stress, others we bring upon ourselves through a few bad habits. Caffeine consumption is one example, but it’s also easy to neglect the importance of preserving the air quality at home to get a good night’s rest.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant with a lingering effect. This is what makes coffee such a good morning drink. Indeed, this beverage is good for you if consumed in moderation (300 to 400 milligrams in the morning). But caffeine, found in coffee and several other foods and drinks, causes anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, and many chronic problems if consumed in too great an amount. Monitor your intake closely, and don’t eat or drink any caffeine within six hours of bedtime to keep it from affecting your sleep.

Air quality is another potential culprit that might be keeping you up at night. The symptoms of poor air circulation are similar to many other common conditions, such as dry nose and throat, congestion, and headaches. If you’re experiencing these chronically along with problems like restlessness, speak with an HVAC company about inspecting and cleaning your system. Replace your filters as needed (every one to three months) to keep the air circulating as it should. Make these few simple changes, and you can look forward to much better sleep every night.


Check out This PDF Infographic On What’s Effecting Your Sleep




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