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New Beauty Products Skintifique Review

I was recently sent some fantastic new beauty products to test out so today I am sharing my thoughts and views on the Skintifique cleanser, moisturiser and hydrating gel. I’ll begin by saying I’ve tried a few products recently and I am really impressed with the quality of the Skintifique range. The products are all paraben free and are gentle on my skin and worked well as they claim on the bottles.

Skintifique Cleanser

The Sikintifique Cleanser P is a great cleanser for cleansing, removing make-up, traces of pollution and metals from the face. I tested out the cleanser for one week and it was very gentle on my skin leaving my face feeling hydrated and fresh. The cleanser P bottle is free from parabens, silicone, mineral oil and fragrances. I really enjoyed using this product and it went well with the Skintifique moisturiser.

Skintifique Moisturizing Lotion HP.

The Skintifique Moisturizing Lotion moisturises the skin and protects against pollution and metals. I remember going to a spa day last year and being educated about the way pollution affects the skin and the importance of moisturising daily. Using this moisturiser left my skin feeling hydrated and super soft. The lotion is very smooth and absorbed quickly into my skin. There was no sticky feeling and I felt fresh and protected knowing I had moisturised with this product.

Skintifique Hydrating Gel Plus HS

I used the Skintifique Hydrating Gel Plus Hs on my face and Body during the week. The hydrating gel has a high concentration of glycerin and provides a soothing action making the skin supple and smooth. I mainly used this product on the rough areas such as my arms, elbows and knees. This gel certainly helped smooth the areas and hydrate them and I am really impressed. I have not felt soft skin in some of these areas in a while but now it’s super soft and feels great. The Hydrating gel has 8 ingredients and is hypoallergenic. I really like this product the most out all all three items I tried and am glad i got a 40Ml bottle so it can last me quite a while.

I really did enjoy testing out the Skinftifique rage and am impressed with how well it worked for my skin. I was going to share with my husband and let him try it out too but I like the product so much I decided to keep it for myself. Thanks for sending me these items to test out.

Angela x

*These products were sent for the purpose of reviews. All opinions are my own.